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Bagsy Altcoin Charts Analysis

Thoughts on altcoin trading.

Bagsy is a trader and chart analyst in the cryptocurrency space. He has a following of 23,000 people on Twitter, he’s a Twitch streamer and his community on Discord counts more than 3,000 members. Be sure to follow him as he is providing great technical analysis (TA) and educational content on trading. (note: This is not financial advice, only personal thoughts.)

Altcoin Charts


– Coming up on horizontal support/POC, should provide some temporary relief.


Call me crazy.

– Looking really good here :white_check_mark:
– Multiple bullish divergences on the daily MFI :mag:
– I think we could see a +78% move up from here over the coming weeks
:dart: Shoutout to @CryptoMaestro for spotting it first.

– Recent vol suggests a lot of money exchanged hands here :mag:
– Adding this one to my watchlist :white_check_mark:


Good news! We’re back in the accumulation range.

However, it might take another couple months or so to get back out of it (if things play out similarly to the last accumulation cycle).


Looking good on the weekly for a change. Upside target at the 6.7K area.


I’m neither bullish or bearish (I have no clue wtf it’s doing).

However, bullish target would be 193 sats (0.5 fib of the range), vs. bearish target at the range low.


– Huge bullish divergence on the daily here :white_check_mark:
– I think we’ll see a move up to retest the recent lower high :dart:

– Back to the accumulation range. Could see a small pop however for now I’d stay out of this one and wait for some volume to come in to show interest first. :white_check_mark:


– One of the better looking coins at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised that we test the 4K sat area from here.

TOTAL MCAP (Excluding $BTC):

Not looking that hot as of now despite many looking bullish altcoin charts.
Safer bet would be to wait for a reclaim of 74.2B as support before hunting for long positions.


Still in no man’s land. Close the weekly above 1.3K and I’ll start paying attention.


Testing the POC of the range here with bearish divs on lower TF’s. I don’t think this one is quite ready yet.


Give this one another week or two. :white_check_mark:


– Sell-off is cooling down on the weekly, reaching it’s low here.
– Definitely not the worst place to start a bag if you’re bullish on this project.


Bagsy is a crypto trader & TA analyst.
You can follow him here:

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