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Zcash OTC trading launches on Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital enables ZEC trading after Bakkt investment.

According to this announcement, the cryptocurrency Zcash is now available for OTC (over-the-counter) trading with two-sided liquidity solutions on Galaxy Digital. OTC is a security being traded via a dealer network instead of a centralized exchange.

Galaxy Digital is a diversified Merchant Bank and an Asset Management Firm which is dedicated to the digital assets & blockchain technology industry. Recently, on December 31st, the firm along with 12 other partners, invested in Bakkt’s first round of funding which was successfully completed with $182.5 million invested in total. ZEC joins the Galaxy Digital trading pairs along with BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XMR, DASH, ETC & BTG which are already being traded on the platform 24/7.

Galaxy joins other OTC trading firms in trading Zcash — including Circle Trade, Cumberland and Genesis Trading. Galaxy Digital Trading (GDT) brings world-class experience from traditional finance to the crypto space. Their support reinforces Zcash as one of the premier projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Galaxy Digital Trading is excited to welcome Zcash into its list of tokens that we trade OTC. We look forward to the continued development of a blockchain/token ecosystem that is fundamentally changing the world.

Yoshi Nakamura, Global Head of Sales for Galaxy Digital

Zcash is now a lot faster, cheaper and more secure thanks to its Sapling upgrade back in October, 2018. ZEC, created in 2016, is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency offering anonymous transactions through its zk-Snarks cryptography protocol which was developed by MIT scientists and researchers. For more info about Zcash, visit the following links:

Zcash: https://z.cash/
Galaxy Digital Trading: https://www.galaxydigital.io/services/trading/

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