Youtube Crypto Scam – Hackers take over Youtube channels and rebrand to Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse

Hackers gain control of youtube channels and run crypto scams.

It came to my attention recently that some stolen youtube channels, currently in possession of hackers, are rebranding to Ripple and Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. After a quick research, I found that many youtubers who have been working hard for years to build their audience are losing it all in a moment.

The hackers delete all the videos of these channels and then go on trying to scam people. They’re running 24/7 livestreams broadcasting Ripple’s recent ‘Swell by Ripple’ conference event with hundreds to thousands of people watching in some instances and they feature fake cryptocurrency giveaways.

One way that youtubers get hacked is being approached by people pretending to offer sponsorships and they send them apps & software to test but the apps are affected with viruses and the hackers get control of the youtube accounts. Or the channel owners download some software with trojan viruses and the hackers gain control their computers.

In one instance the hacker not only changed the name to Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, but also managed to get verified after stealing the channel (352k subscribers). In another instance it’s Brad Garlinghouse verified with 95k subscribers. Reportedly youtube users have lost more than 58k xrp ($15k) through these scams. This is serious and we need to see some action taken by Youtube.

According to this tweet, the hacker who got MarcoStyleNL’s channel has stopped streaming and it’s possible that he will get his channel back soon, but it’s still shows up as the verified Ripple CEO.

The affected channel:

Affected Channels List

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