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V-Dimension Vollar Official Launch – Anonymous Crypto Ecosystem VDS

The official launch will enable players to acquire Vollar.

You can check the first article about Vollar (VDS), here.

First of all, I’d like to clarify that I share this information for educational purposes. If you read the documents, research everything and want to invest, it’s your choice to make. The V-Dimension project is a game that has a MLM structure and is presented in a professional way, mainly through it’s captivating Youtube videos. It’s cryptocurrency is called Vollar (VDS).

The project uses V from “V from Vendetta”, symbolizing freedom and a revolution against the established system.

V-Dimension ICEX

The project’s full-scale launch took place yesterday on February 14th. The ICEX currency high-multiplier conversion and Genesis Game will officially begin. When you download the wallet, it will ask you to insert your private keys and convert BTC to Vollar. You can also use an empty wallet, that had at least 0.1 BTC on the block 558,000, to claim your tokens. Below, I’ll share some basic documentation facts and new videos that they have released, explaining the project. The whitepaper, despite being lengthy and full of fancy words, doesn’t actually provide many technical details.

The original code will be open sourced by March 20, 2019. It is under beta-testing now. The coin is intended to be mineable only with CPU. You can watch the official video from today’s launch:


Light master node: 100 Vollar for an opportunity to participate in weekly Bitcoin lottery.
Super Master Node: 10,000 Vollar with daily revenue of Vollar Issuance.

The wallet will have built-in ads and also a secret-chat, all encrypted and untraceable. You can discover it all on your own, the videos at the end of the article are pretty informative and cinematic. Here are some basic facts about VDS:

  • It is a Super Deep Web that uses blockchain as its foundation and runs on anonymous distributed servers.
  • It has a Secret Chat tool that relies on a distributed anonymous network to transmit information (the most secure in history).
  • A decentralized MLM network constructed on blockchain transactions.
  • A distributed OTC trading network that can exchange all legal tenders on the globe.
  • It is a cryptocurrency (Vollar) that can perform anonymous transactions through zero knowledge proof technology.
  • It is a “fast-track channel” that allows anonymous Bitcoin exchange into more legal tenders.
  • It’s a decentralized, network-wide Advertisement, information-bidding, publishing platform.
  • It is an open source ERC2.0 platform possessing the ability for smart contract Dapp development.

V-Dimension is a defender of privacy, a product of art representing decentralized freedom. You can find a more detailed analysis of the features explained above, by clicking here.

The VDS Genesis Game for Bitcoin

VDS Competition

On V-Day, 14th February 2019, VDS chain was officially activated and the Genesis Game to fight for Bitcoin was launched. This is the cryptocurrency industry’s first real-life version Ready Player One fight for Bitcoin distribution rights, a competition of unstoppable circulation, this is the first “re-distribution of Bitcoin”.

“The Spring Rain Plan”

The Bitcoin produced by the ICEX high-multiplier phase will all serve as Fission Promotion rewards, and given out to the Top 10 and Lucky 20 light master nodes through Resonance Trade. ICEX will at minimum raise 1,150 Bitcoin. If this number hasn’t yet been reached at the end of ICEX, it means this project startup was a failure and the VDS Team will return the Bitcoin received to the original addresses within 24 hours. If the plan is a success, the competition winners of the first 21 Games including the Genesis Game get this minimum guaranteed Bitcoin reward. This was designed to kick-start the VDS chain, and it’s called “The Spring Rain Plan”. All the ICEX-raised Bitcoin reward is divided into 23 portions. The Genesis game receives 3 portions (at least 150 Bitcoin), after that the 20 Regular Games each get one portion of at least 50 Bitcoin.

V-Dimension Vollar

Referral System – “Fission Promotions”

The round one Genesis Game rewards are at least 3 times higher than the rewards in Regular Phase games. Blocks 0-30,239 of the VDS chain (approx. three weeks) are the Genesis Phase. Any VID address can join in on the fight for Bitcoin, use VDS’s decentralized wallet app, and through fission promotions – invite other people to pay 10 Vollar to their own VID address, easily gaining fission-weighted points. The VDS chain will count up the Top 10 players to become the Game’s Top 10 winners who will the receive Bitcoin rewards.

Together, through “The Spring Rain Plan”, “Fission Promotions” and under the stimulation of Bitcoin, the VDS community will channel in an initial of users. Everybody will purchase 10 Vollar to create their VID address and make Fission Promotions. As a result, the Vollar market purchase demand will gradually rise, however the Vollar circulating on the market is limited, and this kind of situation will definitely make Vollar’s price expand. The price of Vollar will continuously climb, it will bring in gigantic returns for Bitcoin users who participate in ICEX, and at last be a total-win for everybody in the VDS society. Finally, we hope and pray that all participants can reap the stupendous spoils of the Genesis Game. The Fission of Life is infinite, the Vastness of the Universe is Limited. As stated by the Decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team.

Youtube Videos


The Journey to the Deep Web: Explore V-Dimension

In a complete decentralized distributed ecosystem, Vollar is issued without centralized authority through VDS. In total there will be 2.1 billion Vollar, including pre-mined 100 million and the 2 billion from POW Issuance Equalization Mechanism. The development team will not reserve any shares. Every issuance will be conducted in a decentralized, public and transparent way.

VDS Secret Chat

People have paid more and more attention to the security of social information. Communication applications that can protect information security have also appeared constantly and have been sought after by everyone. However, VDS believes that it can do better. As a block-chain based privacy network running on anonymous, distributed servers, in a fully decentralized environment, VDS uses cryptocurrency addresses as an anonymous form of identification, which we call a VID. When VIDs are used as a form of ID, they can send encrypted information peer-to-peer with other VIDs.

Free your Bitcoin The Distributed Superconducting Network

History’s safest secret chat function is right here in VDS. Every secret chat group is an OTC exchange that works with smart contracts. Anybody can build an OTC trading group, and set one kind of legal tender to make Vollar trades. When two parties make a transaction, the OTC smart contract locks the Vollar, and once the seller receives her/his legal tender they click “already paid”, and the buyer can get the Vollar they bought. If any disputes occur during the trade the group administrator may be called upon for arbitration, which is also to say every group admin is the boss of their OTC trading group, this way countless OTCs will emerge in VDS. 

Linking the Use Value of Vollar——VAD

VDS has designed a decentralized AD information bidding function that broadcast information through blockchain master nodes, it’s called VAD. With this function, anyone can publish information to VDS wallet users in the distributed network. Everybody who uses VDS wallets can see this information on their wallet homepage instantly. This is a kind of completely decentralized information publishing method, nobody can limit the contents of this information. As long as the bid is successful you can broadcast whatever information you want.

VDS Ultimate Wealth Freedom

The ultimate wealth freedom the VDS bring is a new concept of decentralized thinking for the world and the formation of a new perception towards wealth.
It is defined by decentralized cash flow systems, decentralized wealth autonomy and wealth privacy-security.
For this, we created the world’s first decentralized MLM network, and designed the wallet application from a completely decentralized mindset, and also joined on the anonymous trading function.

VDS Perpetual Development Mechanism Resonance Trade

This is a fast track channel that allows Bitcoin to be exchanged for more legal currency!
VDS provides this kind of channel for Bitcoin; it is done through VDS’s Resonance Trade function. Resonance Trade is a cross-chain, one-way, Vollar exchange channel, it can allow Bitcoin holders to directly make Vollar exchanges under completely anonymous conditions. Since in the VDS chain, this exchange is a kind of issuance method. Through the dynamic ratio conversion of the Resonance V-Pool, Bitcoin users can refer to the market price of both Bitcoin and Vollar to determine whether to make the conversion. When Vollar can be exchanged at a rate which provides more legal currency, this is equal to Bitcoin’s sell price improving. After anonymously processing the Vollar that was converted, all of the origination information for this capital will be cut off, then by selling it through the OTC trade groups, Bitcoin users can cash-out with any legal tender in the globe under fully anonymous conditions. Of course this depends on which currency OTC trading groups you enter into. This is the fast-track channel that VDS has designed to allow Bitcoin to be anonymously traded into legal tenders.

VDS Basic Safety Operations Instructional Video

This is the most important video of all VDS videos. Since the VDS wallet is completely decentralized and in the world of cryptocurrency, the security of anyone’s assets can only be managed by themselves, so the correct use of your cryptocurrency wallet is the key to ensuring asset security. VDS’s wallet app uses a Bitcoin/Vollar dual wallet design, both share the same private key.

Due to the fact that in a decentralized world of cryptocurrencies, no one can help you find your private key and password you must learn how to use it in order to get real wealth security and freedom. If you don’t understand how to use the VDS wallet, please don’t carelessly operate it. Remember this!


V-Dimension is not merely a single blockchain project of crypto, but it has achieved an integration of multiple technologies across the industry, as well as added in a few new technological breakthroughs. Through acme underlying architecture balanced design, it takes product concept logic of elegant simplicity to bring to the masses an entire decentralized Internet and financial ecology.

Unlock Currency Freedom,Defend Wealth Privacy

VDS-Embrace Decentralized Business and a Life of Freedom

The VDS Genesis Game Is On!

How to join V-Dimension

Download VDS Client

You must download the Tor browser and visit the VDS website: VDSVVVXXMXPSSSZD.ONION
Download the Windows, Linux or Android client. This will allow you to create your VDS wallet and your 12-word passphrase.
You can watch this video on youtube to learn the most secure and safe way to create your VDS wallet.

Creating a VID address

First, you need to scan a VID code to create your VID, you will need the Android VDS app. This is the only way you’ll get your own VID, which will cost 10 Vollar from your account. After you obtain your VID, you can invite people interested in the project, they may scan your VID code and this will expand your Trust Stamp System. I’m providing you my VID qr code below, so you can create your VID and start your journey in V-Dimension:

Vollar VID

You can access V-Dimension by visiting the following links:

Bitcointalk forum post: here
Whitepaper: Download here
Telegram Early Bird group: Invitation

Link to the first article I wrote about VDS: here

For more updates, you can follow me on Twitter: Twitter https://twitter.com/NagatoDharma

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