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Vollar: Anonymous DeepWeb Cryptocurrency, V-Dimension VDS

Has V returned? An Anonymous cryptocurrency emerges.

Today on January 24, a new blockchain project was revealed, the V-Dimension project. The website and the Whitepaper are now online. A top-quality video was also posted on Youtube and it resembles the atmosphere of the V for Vendetta movie. Their vision is to create a completely anonymous ecosystem, which is described in the immense, 131-pages Whitepaper. The team remains anonymous and their website is hosted on a .onion domain. Join me on this journey to discover the basic features & analyze the information I found about V-Dimension and their cryptocurrency: Vollar.

The cryptocurrency of the V-Dimension (VDS) ecosystem is called Vollar. The U.S. Dollar is the dominant currency of global centralized finance. The name Vollar combines the ideas of VDS and the Dollar to form a new concept, a gesture to the notion that Vollar aims to become the dominant “currency of freedom” in the future of decentralized global finance. The VDS chain will be fully launched on February 14, 2019.

Every holder of Bitcoin recorded in the 558,000 block who joins VDS, will get free Vollar directly proportional to the total amount of Bitcoin they own.

V-Dimension, has been a labor 2 years in the making for the developers, an upfront investment of $20,000,000 USD, and a pinnacle work of revolutionary significance among the blockchain community. VDS is not merely a single project, but an integration of multiple research achievements based on a distributed, private blockchain network. It purports to solve the contradictions and troubles of centralized finance, and even puts forth a decentralized solution for solving our privacy and security issues. VDS has spared no efforts to exert huge changes in identity security, networking freedom, private social networking, decentralized finance/business, and more. The cryptocurrency is called Vollar.

V-Dimension (VDS) Features

V-Dimension Vollar VDS

All the functions work off one another to circulate, balance and constitute the powerful initial internal structures of VDS, whose internal financial balance, community promotion, commercial interconnectivity, value concentration and network expansion will disrupt the ideas behind the centralized business paradigm.

The initial functions of VDS are: Resonance Trade, The Trust Stamp Network, The Competition System, the Network wide Information Broadcast (VAD), Secret Chat, Anonymous Trade, Smart Contracts, Distributed OTC Trade, Super Master Nodes, The Lottery, and the unique smart contract design – Blockchain Business Smart Contracts.

  • Trust Stamp Network: Transform your enormous interpersonal network into a perpetual cash-flow system and earn rewards.
  • Secret Chat: You can use VDS to communicate freely with your friends under the guaranteed privacy and safety of your identity.
  • Distributed OTC trade: You can make transactions anonymously through the distributed OTC trade groups and trade your cryptocurrency barrier-free with any legal tender in the world. Everyone is an exchange.
  • Anonymous Transactions: Technically, VDS uses the Zcash Sapling version of zero-knowledge proof for anonymous transactions, which is a field-tested, thoroughly anonymous method.
  • Network-Wide Broadcast System: Accurately push Ads for your products or services to every cryptocurrency player in VDS.

There are a lot of functions which are described in the Whitepaper, you can read about them here.

You can experience the pleasure of networking freedom through the VDS Super-Deep Web built on distributed, hidden servers. All said, you not only get a cryptocurrency that is able to continuously grow in value, but a full-solution; a decentralized financial ecosystem that secures your identity and privacy. This is an epic masterpiece of blockchain technology.

Vollar, aside from being used to keep track of the system’s account records and make payments, is also used to activate VIDs, bid for VAD network-wide Ad spots, incentivizes the operation of master nodes (which guarantee stability in the network), as well as used to run smart contracts within the system.

Basic Information – Anonymous Cryptocurrency

The VDS wallet application is designed as a dual wallet. With one application, decentralized storage of both Vollar and Bitcoin is accomplished. In the end VDS will become a private communication network that is open for the whole world to use. It supports development of an independent web browser where every VID address can serve as an anonymous IP Address. All the applications of the centralized internet may be transplanted into this privacy network by the people for the people. Through the joint efforts of the social community, a brand-new, decentralized ecology of internet freedom will be created. In terms of its operational strategy, VDS takes holistic prosperity of the decentralized community as a guiding principle, incentivizing Bitcoin users to initially power the project. Following the principle of decentralization, it minimizes the development team’s impact on the community. This creates vaster space for the long-term development of VDS. It is also a tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto.

VDS Logo

VDS Logo

The VDS logo is a journey of eternal life, which embarks from the origin of the universe and takes the freedom of life as its destination. In the process of which, the endless and infinite growth of eternal life is achieved. It covers the symbiotic ideology of an all-encompassing yet homologous universe- that the world and all its living creatures are of one origin. It denotes a kind of order and opens up a future of infinite possibilities.

VDS Website

You can visit the website using the TOR browser.

V-Dimension Vollar VDS

Video Trailer

This is a 10-minute long video announcing the official V-Dimension release, it is truly well-shot and is worth watching.

How to join V-Dimension

Stay tuned for more news from the V-Dimension project in the future. You can check my guide on how to install VDS, here:

V-Dimension Vollar cryptocurrency wallet installation guide. How to install VDS.

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Official Tor Website: vdsvvvxxmxpssszd.onion

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