V-Dimension Optimization update

V-Dimension – Optimization of the Weekly Bitcoin Rewards

VDS is making the bitcoin & vollar rewards more fair with this update.

V-Dimension is a decentralized project offering anonymous transactions and aims to establish an ecosystem of freedom. Some of the services provided include: Secret Chat (anonymous & encrypted), Advertising Channel, VDS Browser (sans IP, Tor-like browser), fiat-to-vollar OTC services (soon) and an invite reward system all available through the desktop & mobile app and its cryptocurrency Vollar. VDS also offers a btc-to-vollar conversion mechanism (resonance trade) where users can trade their btc for vollar.

The network works with Super Master nodes (10,000 vollar locked) and Light Master Nodes (100 Vollar locked). Every day users that participate as Super Master Nodes receive Vollar payouts and every week 10 lucky Super Master Nodes and 20 users that operate Light Master Nodes receive bitcoin rewards which are gathered from the btc-to-vollar conversion mechanism.

Up until recently, the number of people with activated VIDs that someone had invited was taken into account for the selection of the 20 lucky Light Master Nodes and some people were trying to exploit it by inviting themselves. Now, V-Dimension has updated the rules and every user with at least 1 VID invite in the weekly season is eligible to be picked as a lucky winner and receive bitcoin rewards.

Additionally, the 2 million Vollar which were reserved for the Clear Web Site Establishment (user operated VDS websites) will now be rewarded to 20 lucky VIDs instead. The layout of the clear web sites will also be adjusted to provide more space for the establishers to adjust and operate independently.

"In the current phase, the establishment of clear websites is excessively concentrated in the hands of individual establishers and some groups, which has violated the decentralization philosophy of VDS, and caused unfairness for the competition of resonance traded BTC. The new update will bring more balance to the ecological development of VDS, and make strategic layout for the coming decentralized OTC function."

V-Dimension Dev Team
VDS Ecological Rewards Adjustment
The amount of Vollar rewards for 20 lucky VIDs.
(previously website establishment rewards)

To sum up:
• 30 VIDs win Bitcoin in a randomized lottery fashion, which drastically mitigates the ability of a monopoly on The Game and gives every single player the chance to win Bitcoin, even if they just made one VID invitation.
• The website establishment rewards will now be given weekly to 20 lucky VIDs.

Announcement Regarding Optimization

You can scan my QR code with your V-Dimension mobile app to activate your VID (10 Vollar cost) and unlock the VDS Secret Chat, VDS groups and OTC trading:

If you have any questions you can ask me for help, or join the Official V-Dimension Telegram group: https://t.me/V_Dimension.

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