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Ubex Signs Agreement With Google Ads For Maximizing Displays

Combining AI and blockchain to improve the advertising industry.

The Ubex project has signed a cooperation agreement with Google regarding the display of ads from Ubex on Google Ads channels and has been included in the list of official partners.

The agreement signed between the Ubex programmatic advertising project and Google Ads foresees the placement of ads from Ubex on the channels and networks offered by Google Ads. Ubex will be acting as a Demand Side Platform within the framework of the agreement. Such an approach will allow maximizing audience reach and ensuring high levels of impressions around the world or in specific regions for advertisers operating on the Ubex platform.

The Google Display Network has the largest reach of any display network in the world with up to 90% of global internet users being in reach, including 94% of all US internet users — 64% of which are reached every day — and 89% of US smartphone users. The Google Display network allows showing ads on 120 of the top 200 trafficked websites, including the #1 video platform, YouTube; the #1 blog platform, Blogger; the #1 email service, Gmail; and reach to 50 billion apps downloaded via Google Play. In total, the Google Display Network serves over 2 trillion ad impressions each month to 2.5 billion internet users across over 2 million websites.

Ubex is an advertising platform that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

The inclusion of Google Ads channels into the offering will allow Ubex to ensure the highest reach of audiences for advertisers operating on the network. The signing of a contract with Google is a serious test for the Ubex business team, given this contract requires the highest level of quality and responsibility, as only the best products are allowed for consideration for partnership.

Ubex has recently announced similar agreements with the Yandex Advertising Network and 11 smaller networks operating within the audience reach and display distribution industry. The latest technical integration with Google will allow Ubex to become one of the largest global players in the programmatic advertising sector and one of the leading networks by audience reach.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google Ad network to web users.

The Ubex project is a programmatic advertising platform operating on neural networks with AI integration. The project offers advertisers the chance to display their ads on a variety of sites around the world with AI-assisted user targeting for accurate audience reach.

The Ubex project continues to build connections with global advertising networks for maximizing reach and coverage of audiences for its users. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.

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