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The Economist 2019 Cover | The role of Cryptocurrencies in the New World

The cover has oracular secret meanings. In the digital age, anonymity, privacy & truth are what must be guarded the most.

The Economist 2019 cover has some ominous encrypted messages in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci, seeming to be presented to the public by a secret society of the 18th century. It will take us from mysteries of mirror images to forgotten mythical lands of the north. So, ignite your candles, and let’s try to decrypt the Da Vinci code by diving into the hidden meanings and the current state of the world.

The aim of this article is to spark the curiosity by analyzing the new upcoming technologies and figuring out what the role of cryptocurrencies will be in forming and shaping the world, just before the dawn of 2019. The 21st century is a digital era, where the way we communicate and transact has profoundly changed.

The world is slowly moving onto a new chapter, as generations are being called to decide what ideals will be established and whether truth will be accepted and celebrated, or rejected and hidden. There’s a shift happening, in our consciousness and in the way our society functions.

Analyzing the current state of the world through The Economist Cover

You might think to yourself that everything is peaceful now and there’s no way something bad will happen to you. But remember, in the 1940’s, suddenly, one day World War 2 started and 60 million people had to fight each other, leaving their families back in their countries in poverty and hunger. Never take the calmness & peace for granted. You have to always be prepared for something unexpected to happen. These days in the modern countries it doesn’t happen in the form of wars and violence, but as an economic war, a dictatorship of surveillance, authoritarianism and economic suppression. You can try to make as much money you can from cryptocurrencies and use them to help yourself and others, but never get mistaken to think that you will always be walking in fields of flowers as money bills will be falling from the sunny sky. Everyone nowadays is trying make money by providing no value, trying to be ‘influencers’ and promoters on social media. This works because the money that used to go on TV advertising is now being used for internet advertising.

I believe that we always have to grow and focus on providing value. Humans have been trading since the dawn of civilization, but always remember, when you stop producing and become a consumer, you will always be in need of the rich and those in power.

Economic freedom is important, but it has no value if there isn’t internal freedom first. We live in an era where everyone should have healthy egos, get educated and accumulate knowledge, learn how to respect each other & the nature around us and stop aiming to achieve fame by showing off fake lives through our digital avatars on social media.

Internet, KYC & Net Neutrality

As I remember myself surfing through the internet, I always had one rule,  never share my personal data online or at least try to have my core privacy maintained and not exposed. Even on social media I usually use an alias and choose an avatar instead of showing my face. So, when I discovered cryptocurrencies in 2017 after registering on some exchanges, or taking part in some ICO’s, I found myself having my funds locked and I would only regain access to them if I completed a Know-your-Customer (KYC) process. In the KYC verification process the users are required to upload some documents, National ID or Passport, in order to verify their identity and to be officially recognized as themselves. So, there I was, being forced to reveal my identity in order to regain access to my money, and the irony is, that I was required to upload my ID on the internet, for the first time, in order to access my cryptographic money! Cryptography is used to conceal our transactions and identity, so they managed to get people identified through a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. In the same spirit, like when everyone voluntarily shared their data on Facebook and gave up on their privacy. As a result, their data is now available for citizens, governments and secret agencies to find in a matter of seconds, in the palm of their hands.

This is their tactic. They are making the people build their own prison. From trying to maintain and protect their privacy, everyone now wants to share as much information about them as they can, while being tracked 24/7 from smartphones, GPS, metadata, satellites and drones. Everyone is starting to give up more of their privacy for the sake of owning cryptocurrencies and being a part of the upcoming economic future. Of course, there are anonymous cryptocurrencies and decentralized exchanges where people can maintain their anonymity, but very few people know how to actually operate this software, and most are now begging again for regulations from organisations like the SEC and turn to supporting KYC’s so that everything becomes legalized, more people will get attracted to invest and buy into blockchain ventures, so that the token holders will be in profit. As we slowly move into a more regulated and controlled area, the internet will turn from a realm of true freedom of speech and expression, to a restricted place of constant surveillance prevailed by a fear of speaking the truth.

Search for the light | Decypher Session

So, with this in mind and to make my points clearer, I will analyze the Economist Cover for 2019. Initially it was released with a total black cover, but then a new version was released, themed after the 500 years anniversary after Leonardo Da Vinci’s death, in 1519.

The Economist 2019 Cover


The Economist 2019 Cover

As you can see, if you look closer, all the text is written backwards. First I’ll analyze the most prominent image on The Economist 2019 cover.

The Virtuvian Man, wearing VR Glasses, holding: 

  • SmartPhone QR Code
  • Cannabis
  • Baseball
  • Scales of Justice

Just by looking at the image, at first glance, anyone can notice that while the whole world is changing, the man in the center is distracted into an alternate reality because he is wearing the VR glasses. In addition, sports, weed, smartphones and social injustices help to further keep him distracted from what’s going on around him.

Weed. On the upper-left hand, Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is holding the cannabis leaf. On this hand, there’s also a distinct DNA helix tattoo, which indicates that our genetic code will get modified, or that the hybrid, feminized, and genetically modified cannabis seeds are being adjusted so that they further increase anxiety, boredom and the negative effects of weed, transforming it from a healing herb of nature, to a GMO mind oppressor. They’re legalizing it, so that they can modify & control its production, its growth and profit from it through taxation.

Sports. Sports are a popular way to dumb down and control the masses. Instead of getting educated or reacting, people are watching TV sports like zombies, sitting in their couches enforcing the herd mentality, not caring what is happening to the person next door.

Scales of injustice. ‘Divide and conquer’ is a widely known method, where one maintains control by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. They are empowering the categorization and division of people, so that instead of fighting against the government, people are fighting amongst themselves creating an never-ending turmoil of dissonance and conflict.

Smartphones. 10 years ago, the smartphones started emerging. At first, people were skeptical about them and it took a long time before everyone owned one. Nowadays, we’re all connected and carry them on us 24/7. Remember smartphones are military technology brought to the public in mass production and they have tracking mechanisms like GPS, they can spy on you through the microphone and the metadata as Edward Snowden revealed. The QR shown on the cover might imply the use of cryptocurrencies will get broader in 2019.

Virtual Reality. It is commonly known, that in the next 1-2 years VR will become mainstream and it will be a big part of our daily life. Many people will start getting addicted to it, and as a result, they will reduce their real-life social interactions and slowly will get sucked into the trap of the Virtual Reality. VR is a known distraction technique for chronic pain patients. What they aim to do is to numb the people from “society’s pain” by offering them an alternative utopia to live into, like digital heroin. It is also linked to hypnosis, according to this study, positive results of VRH (virtual reality hypnosis) therapy indicate a synergistic and additive effect of the analgesic efficacy of hypnosis and VR distraction techniques. Synergistic, means such conditions that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects, thus meaning VR will be more addictive than substances, by tricking the brain into believing and accepting VR as an experience of reality.

The only text not written backwards is the #metoo hashtag on Vitruvian Man’s chest. We will analyze the cover which includes among others: Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Brexit, Mona Lisa, Electric Cars, The Moon, Facial Recognition, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a stork carrying a child with a barcode on it & Ultima Thule, a term used in the medieval times meaning “beyond the known world”.

But first, let’s talk a bit more about what the world is turning into:

A Vampire Empire

I’m saying all this, because I believe everyone is equal and that we all deserve freedom & the sacred things like a house and food to survive. This seems dreamy and utopic, but they have actually made us believe that it’s more logical to believe in a Banking Dictatorship with 1% of the planet’s population owning 99% of the wealth, than believing into a future of freedom, truth, equality and respect. This vision doesn’t mean blind faith and political correctness, it means facing reality as it is and being empathetic enough to care about the prosperity and well-being of the people around you. With today’s technology we can achieve free energy, food for everyone and global peace.

The Cryptocurrency Vision

The cryptocurrency space is, like all the other fields, starting to get invaded by ghouls and people are losing focus. We are forgetting the actual reason of existence of a cryptographic form of money & the digital assets, and all we care for is increasing our wealth and stack of dollars, by providing no actual value to anything and by just observing the token prices go up & down like traditional stocks.

Cryptocurrencies, through the blockchain technology they use, have a decentralized nature which helps for crowdfunding & charity platforms, company governance & software. It provides a more fair distribution of wealth, removes the intermediaries and has no need for central authority to govern it. Beyond that, the world is truly becoming a strange place of deceptions, delusions and manipulation, and this is achieved by trading the most important currency of our times: attention.

Mirror Image Analysis

Mona Angelina

The article title on the cover reads: Angelina Jolie Responding to refugees.

During the last years there’s been an increasing attempt of the elite, through Non-Governmental Organizations most of which are funded by George Soros, to promote their agenda. By dividing the people through TV, media, confusion and misinformation, they use the political correctness and the mob mentality to create a ‘general opinion’, which will make most people to want to appear rightful, by having the ‘correct’ views and opinions according to the public’s norm. For example, you’ve all seen the cultural erosion created by bringing a lot of poor immigrants from Africa & the East to Europe. (It could be the opposite, poor Europeans going to the East or the USA, it doesn’t matter.) This doesn’t mean borders must be closed, but if you reach a point where the whole country is destroyed, some regulation must be imposed to the number of immigrants that can enter the country. They are doing this population exchange in purpose so that the unity gets destroyed and nations will turn into a mass of alienated individuals. Also what they have achieved is, if you speak your opinion, like I just did, you are instantly characterized and stigmatized as a Nazi or fascist. Of which I am the exact opposite. What they have achieved is the grand deception, if you express your opinion you are deviating from the herd, therefore you are expelled and treated like a voice of dissonance, which if necessary, will be subjugated by the use of force and violence.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition will improve, and it will soon be able to track anyone in major cities through cameras and drones. Like China right now, where everyone is thoroughly documented and tracked 24/7.

Britain Beyond Brexit

Indicates UK’s political stance will change after the Brexit.

Putin’s Pipelines

Refers to Vladimir Putin, the energy exchange and the gas pipelines that go throughout Europe and are expanding to the Eastern countries.

New Horizons to Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule is a Kuiper belt asteroid expected to be visited by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in 2019. Officially known as 2014 MU69, the object, which orbits a billion miles beyond Pluto, will be the most primitive world ever observed by spacecraft – in the farthest planetary encounter in history. Thule was a place located in the furthest north, and was mentioned in the ancient Greek and Roman literature and cartography. It was also used as a traditional name of distant places beyond the known world. Ultima Thule means “beyond Thule”– beyond the borders of the known world.

Ultima Thule Map

The 4th century B.C Greek writer Pytheas, mentioned going to Thule in his now lost work, Things about the Ocean. He says Thule “is a six days’ sail north of Britain, and is near the frozen sea”. He mentions that there is only night for 6 months, about mid-summer, namely when the Sun passes through the sign of Cancer; and contrariwise no days in mid-winter: and each of these times last six months, all day, or all night.

But, there’s also a more occult approach to Thule.
In Germany ‘Thule Society’ was an occult group & secret society founded in Munich right after World War I, and was named after the mythical northern country in the Greek legend. The members’ wives and ancestors were required to not be Jewish or members of the colored races. Thule was believed to be the land of origin of the Aryan race. The Thule Society identified Ultima Thule as a lost ancient landmass in the extreme north, near Greenland or Iceland, said by Nazi mystics to be the capital of the ancient Hyperborea. The organization has become the center of many conspiracy theories concerning Nazi Germany, due to its occult background. Such theories include the creation of vril-powered Nazi UFOs (a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called Vril, mentioned by Theosophists).

Rest of Images

Da Vinci’s helicopter

Da Vinci Helicopter Moon

Da Vinci’s helicopter invention travelling to the moon. Possibly there will be a revisit to the moon in the near future.



Indicates that there will be some volcanic eruption in 2019.

Electric Cars

Electric Cars

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing electric cars, is Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla. From 2019 and onwards, an increasing number of people will be using electric cars, which will communicate with each other through the upcoming 5G network.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Economist

Donald Trump’s role in the new age. Some might think Trump is not the traditional system, some think he’s an idiot. Sure thing is he can’t diverge much from the system’s line. All you need to know about politics, is that politicians are put there to give you the illusion of choice. The truth is that the world is run by a few families, and global corporations.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as mentioned in the Book of Revelations, the last book of the New Testament, are Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. Their coming symbolizes great misfortunes for humanity, for some it might refer to the coming of the Antichrist.



Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948) was an Indian activist who was the leader of the Indian independence movement against the British rule. Employing non-violent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. He was a symbol of peaceful protests and Nonviolent resistance.

India – Elephant

India Elephant

This elephant represents India and its tusks are replaced by an upward chart. A message that India’s economy will prosper in 2019.

Armadillo – Endangered Species


As humans control more land and pollute the environment some animal species are becoming extinct.

Stork carrying a child with a barcode

Stork Carrying Child Barcode

The stork is usually associated with delivering the new-born babies. Here it carries a baby in a bag with a barcode on it. Recently, scientists are revealing that genetic modification is becoming more and more researched, and it’s highly possible that all births in the future will be edited and parents will be able to choose the appearance or the gender of the child. This could also be interpreted as digitally registering all humans on a record, with a list of their medical data, making it easier for totalitarian regimes to control and track the masses. They’re totalitarian regimes because democracy literally means that the people are in power, which is rarely the case in all modern countries. The governments are the people’s main oppressor and enemy. 



Panda usually represents China. Here it is depicted either being grumpy and being neglected by others, or sitting angry on top of the world. There’s currently 1.5 billion Chinese citizens inhabiting China. Also, Google is secretly developing for China the Dragonfly search engine, designed to be compatible with China’s censorship provisions, meaning it will not let users know which search results have been censored. This was a total secret and only known to a very limited amount of people, which made many of Google’s employees leave the company, as they felt dissatisfied by the company’s ethical standards.


South Africa Elections

One of the boxes has the flag of South Africa, which will have elections in 2019. This will be the sixth election held since the end of the apartheid system in 1994. The 2 boxes might suggest a voting manipulation will occur. Or that important elections will be held in some parts of the world.

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

200 years since Walt Whitman’s birth in 1819.



This Pinocchio image shows that the politicians will keep lying and brainwashing the masses through the media by creating their own version of reality.

World Currency Phoenix

It’s worth mentioning that in The Economist’s Vol. 306 from January 1988, there was this cover with the message ‘Get ready for a world currency’ Ten Phoenix 10/2018. Many have speculated that Bitcoin or some other form of more controlled cryptocurrency will become the first global currency.

The Economist 1988 Phoenix Cover


The Economist 1988 Cover

Conclusion – The future of 2019

To sum it up, I believe everyone should have an open mind, remember the core values of the cryptocurrency movement and realize that it is the elite that is running the world, and they never gave a damn about us. Sure you can make money through cryptocurrencies, but if you believe crypto’s only goal is to make you rich, I’m sorry to say you’re just helping in building the next Orwellian dictatorship system. Love yourself and spread love to those around you. Always keep an open mind, get educated and speak the truth.

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