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SingularityNET on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Dr. Ben Goertzel will appear on The Joe Rogan Experience on Tuesday, December 4.

SingularityNet is a protocol & decentralized platform aiming to democratize the access to Artificial Intelligence technology. They will create a decentralized AI marketplace where AI’s will be able to interact with one another, like a decentralized global brain. Their head offices are located in Hong Kong and have branch offices in St. Petersburg (Russia), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Bangalore (India) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

1 year ago on December 19, 2017 they managed to raise $36M USD in under one minute, through their ICO in exchange for their $AGI token. As they have stated on their whitepaper: The value and power of Artificial Intelligence is growing dramatically every year, and will soon dominate the internet — and the economy as a whole. SingularityNET aims to become the key protocol for networking AI and machine learning tools to form a coordinated Artificial General Intelligence.

SingularityNET’s Ben Goertzel is famous for creating the robot Sophia, in cooperation with David Hanson and the Hanson Robotics company where he has the role of the Chief Scientist. The SingularityNET platform is being developed at the moment according to their roadmap, and they’ll soon enter the stage of Beta release.

John McAfee & Sophia Robot Malta
Sophia the robot with John McAfee, at Malta’s Blockchain Summit

SingularityNET will be the first blockchain project to appear on Joe Rogan’s Podcast. The CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel, announced today that he will be on the show on December 4, 1PM PST.

You can watch the episode, here:

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