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Shopify Bitcoin Lightning Network Plugin by OpenNode

OpenNode reveals its Lightning Network plugin for Shopify.

On an announcement made today, OpenNode revealed the release of a plugin for Shopify that enables merchants to accept Bitcoin as payment through the Lightning Network. OpenNode is a payments platform for eCommerce & a retail plug-in solution that offers payment infrastructure API’s for developers and it already supports WooCommerce and OpenCart.

The company raised $1.25 million from the venture capitalist and bitcoin supporter, Tim Draper. With bitcoin, financial services are now open to anyone with an idea; however, bitcoin needs to be easily accessible for mass adoption. OpenNode aims to bridge the gap between this technology and the rest of the world.

OpenNode integrations

Thousands of Shopify store owners are already accepting bitcoin payments. OpenNode’s mission is to increase the mass adoption and help create a borderless future where everyday transactions are made with Bitcoin. All users have to do is visit the settings tab in their OpenNode dashboard and follow the simple guide in integrations to get it up and running.

  • Low fees
    • Unlike credit card, it charges only 1% for processing.
  • No chargeback fraud
    • All bitcoin transactions are final and cannot be reversed.
  • Instant settlements
    • With the Bitcoin’s Lightning Network transfers settle instantly.
  • International payments
    • Within a few minutes, your store can service anyone around the world.

OpenNode is still in the process of being accepted as a Shopify gateway partner but for now, they have developed a simple integration while waiting on approval. Shopify is one of the biggest commerce sites and if it integrates the Bitcoin Lightning Network, it will make it available to 500,000 of its merchants.

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