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Ravencoin Mainnet Launch & Analysis – 1 Year Anniversary

Ravencoin's assets go live on the blockchain.

Today on January 3rd, 2019 Ravencoin celebrates its 1 year anniversary. Ravencoin is a community-driven, digital peer-to-peer network for the facilitation of asset transfers. As a Bitcoin fork it uses the blockchain technology to create an open source Token platform. It stands by the values of the Cypherpunk Manifesto which supports free speech & no censoring. It’s an ASIC resistant cryptocurrency which had no ICO or Pre-mine, making it one of the most fair coins using the proof-of-work mechanism.

Patrick Byrne Overstock - CNN

Patrick Byrne, Overstock.com‘s CEO, has talked several times about the project and has invested millions of dollars in it. Medici Ventures, Byrne’s investment firm, is also supporting and using Ravencoin assets since their launch on Nov 5th, 2018. Overstock, a Nasdaq-listed company, was one of the first major retailers who started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mean of payments back in 2014.

Ravencoin & Bitcoin differences

Ravencoin vs Bitcoin Differences

“In the fictional world of Westeros, ravens are used as messengers who carry statements of truth. Ravencoin is a use case specific Blockchain designed to carry statements of truth about who owns what assets.”

Inspired from Game of Thrones, a HBO Series

Asset Creation


Users can create unique-name assets on the Ravencoin blockchain. The cost of creating a new asset is 500 RVN. These RVN are forever burned increasing the scarcity of RVN coins. The assets can be sent to a Ravencoin address just like erc20 tokens can be sent to an Ethereum address. Some examples of what assets can be used for are: an Initial-Coin-Offering (ICO) or a Security Token Offering (STO), Gift Cards, a Stablecoin, Rewards program, in-game items or as a local currency for a town.

Ravencoin Assets
Ravencoin asset examples

Mainnet Release – Upcoming Features

The Testnet was launched on August, 2018. With the Mainnet launch, the assets which were created on the Testnet will go live and will be permanent on Ravencoin’s blockchain. Some of the upcoming features are:

Messaging – Authorized senders will be able to message token holders to let them know they will receive a voting token or to transmit any message they like.
Voting – Voting will be accomplished by creating and distributing parallel tokens to token holders. These tokens can then be sent to RVN addresses to record a vote.
Compatibility Mode – It will allow newly created assets to appear exactly like RVN, LTC, or Bitcoin for easy integration into exchanges, wallets, explorers, etc. It will speed up their adoption into the larger crypto ecosystem.

Next Halving

Ravencoin Halving
Next halving ~January 2022

The Ravencoin project was launched based on the hard work and continuous effort of over 430 Bitcoin developers who made over 14,000 commits by the date of the Ravencoin code fork.

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