Neon District Founder's Sale

Neon District announces Founder’s Sale: March 26

Join the Founder's waiting list today for exclusive items!

The players that have joined the Founder’s waitlist, will be able to buy the original Founder’s assets which will never be available again. The Founder’s Sale will allow players to collect rare weapons and gear that will be used in-game, all while supporting the development and successful launch of Neon District.

The Founder’s Sale will be an exclusive event, only available to those who have signed up for the waitlist. Broken up into four tiers, your waitlist position determines when you gain access to purchase the key and loot box. Items within the loot box are scarce and may sell out.

Neon District is using blockchain technology to enable players to own and trade their in-game items for money through a decentralized manner. You can see an example of their technology, which is made available through Ethereum’s smart contracts and ERC-721 tokens, in their recent game Plasma Bears.

By owning Founder’s assets, players will be identifiable as the founding players and backers of Neon District. Season 0 is coming this Spring! This is the beginning of a different kind of blockchain gaming platform, one that celebrates new technology, stories, and a culture that empowers you, the players.

Join the waitlist for March 26: here.

You can read my article analyzing Neon District’s features, here.

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