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Monero now accepted on Fortnite’s merchandise store

Fortnite users can now use $XMR on the game's official store.

Fortnite‘s players will now be able to buy merchandise from the game’s official store by using the privacy-focused cryptocurrency, Monero. Fortnite has recently surpassed 200 million players worldwide making it one of the most successful games in history.

Recently, Monero lowered its fees and increased its transaction speed by a factor of more than 80%. With the Bulletproof upgrade back in October, besides its privacy & anonymity features, it also became a super fast and cheap-to-use cryptocurrency. This addition to the Fortnite store, embarks a wider global adoption of cryptocurrencies, making the benefits of speed and privacy known to a much larger audience.

Stay tuned, for more updates on gaming and cryptocurrency adoption.

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