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Jack Dorsey Wants to Make Twitter Decentralized & Open Source

With this move Twitter wants to create a free ecosystem of social media.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, revealed today on a series of tweets that he wants to support the creation of an open-source protocol for social media. The goal in the future is for Twitter to be based on this protocol while any other project that wants to build on it will also be able use it. This is a move to benefit all the social media projects by moving from a platform to a protocol based ecosystem.

Dorsey also explained that this will help fight algorithm suggestions and the centralized use of current platforms that often lead to unhealthy conversations and promote controversial content for the sake of popularity. As he stated, “We’re facing entirely new challenges centralized solutions are struggling to meet. For instance, centralized enforcement of global policy to address abuse and misleading information is unlikely to scale over the long-term without placing far too much burden on people. The value of social media is shifting away from content hosting and removal, and towards recommendation algorithms directing one’s attention. Unfortunately, these algorithms are typically proprietary, and one can’t choose or build alternatives. Yet.”

He also mentioned that new technologies like blockchain can be used for decentralized, open solutions to improve hosting, governance, and monetization. “We’d expect this team not only to develop a decentralized standard for social media, but to also build open community around it, inclusive of companies & organizations, researchers, civil society leaders, all who are thinking deeply about the consequences, positive and negative”.

Jack Dorsey has expressed his support for bitcoin many times and also helps the crypto industry through Cash App which enables it’s customers to buy bitcoin. He has also created Square Crypto, a non-profit team that will support bitcoin core development with its contributions.

In the video below, you can also watch Jae Kwon, founder of Tendermint and Cosmos, talk about the importance of having decentralized and open source social media.

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