Insolar Expanded Roadmap to 2021 Released

Insolar | Expanded Roadmap to 2021 Released

The new roadmap for Insolar.

Insolar has expanded its roadmap for the release of its technology, extending its vision to 2021. The roadmap reflects Insolar’s ambitious vision to become a recognized leader in blockchain technology, with its platform deployed by the biggest enterprises around. That being said, let’s take a look at what is planned and go into a little detail about each release.

MainNet 1.0 — Q3 2019

The release of the MainNet is right on the horizon, following on from the successes of the Insolar TestNet early this year and with all on track to be launched as planned. The MainNet will allow for the completion of basic transactions and their validation, along with enhanced network consensus with dynamic node membership. In addition to this, Insolar Wallet for storing native XNS coins is also set for release, with the Block Explorer to be made available to track transactions on the Insolar blockchain. The nodes in use will be provided by Insolar Technologies, while the Github repo will be made available for custom installation and testing of the network.

MainNet 2.0 — Q2 2020

The second version of the MainNet is set for release next year and will implement enhanced validation and transactions with partial rollback. This network will offer cloud deployments using providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Moreover, MainNet 2.0 will offer a mechanism for building basic custom contracts in addition to enhanced development tools.

MainNet 3.0 — Q3 2020

Insolar MainNet 3.0 is planned to be launched in the second half of 2020 and will offer network participants the possibility to implement distributed transactions. The network will also provide staking mechanisms for participation of third party nodes and for application developers. Basic version of governance mechanisms for smart contract updates will also be implemented. In addition, users will be able to monitor resource usage statistics.

EnterpriseNet — 2021

EnterpriseNet shall feature the first version of Domains which would govern smart contract deployment, management and execution. In the future, Domains will facilitate contract execution across different instances of Clouds, hybrid blockchains and interoperability with other DLTs, as well as control over which data are stored in which location. There will be application toolkits for billing, payments, claims and liabilities, plus a naming and aliasing service for addressing among entities (within Clouds, contracts and Domains). In addition, Insolar EnterpriseNet will provide Cloud and Domain registry, and participants will be able to buy hardware capacity via the first version of the capacity marketplace.

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