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CryptoGr – Securely Test Your DNA by Using Blockchain Technology

Secure healthcare data sharing by utilizing blockchain technology. is an anonymous blockchain-based DNA testing service that permits you to conduct a DNA test — like well-known DNA test kit brands — without the fear of your personal medical data being leaked, hacked or shared with 3rd parties.

Healthcare data security has always been a concern and most people don’t feel safe sharing their medical data online. By using blockchain technology Genobank aims to make the sharing of medical data available, while in the same time maintaining the user’s anonymity and privacy.

Genobank is working with Oasis Labs, a blockchain platform that is providing top-notch privacy for the user’s data. Medical labs and other companies across the world are spending $$ in research with DNA sequences and one of the sequences they bought might be yours. Companies charge you for a result AND keep the rights to sell your DNA for up to 100 Years. If something new comes along, you have to pay again for the sequencing (and again sign away your rights).

What can be done with DNA sequencing:

  • Ancestry (human, animal & plants)
  • Early breast cancer detection and treatment
  • Metabolism improvements
  • Personalized medicine (pharmacogenomics)
  • Epigenetics (wellness)
  • And thousands more.

Genobank = Personal Control

56% of people believe they have a right to access their own personal genomic information without going through a healthcare provider.

By controlling your sequence in a transparent way, you decide who, how and when accesses your profile.

  • Buy test results of your DNA for early disease identification
  • Sell your profile to interested companies
  • Donate to accelarate scientific discoveries
  • Track a serialized set of your sequence to see how it changes in time

First Anonymous DNA Saliva Kit with Blockchain

The first anonymous DNA test kit

This Patent Pending DNA Saliva Kit, will allow the users to participate and take advantage of the Genomic Revolution maximizing privacy by using Blockchain Networks to keep track of all the data sets and Genomic Reports (insights) without exposing their personal data.

Tokens as Membership & Rewards

Users gain tokens by providing their DNA sequence to the Bank. The Bio-informaticians & Data Scientists act as members and can request/obtain consent to access personal BioBanks from members for Research and non-commercial projects. The Big Pharma and Labs can buy a “data license” from the users for commercial use of their data. All these transactions are done with complete security and safety, thanks to the blockchain architecture of Oasis Labs which creates the crypto vault.

The Crypto Vault

A safe digital platform to store, process and share your Genomic & Healthcare sensitive data with confidence.
(based on European GDPR regulation)

  • On-Demand BioLinux platform for each user with pre-loaded Bio-libraries and Tools to save time
  • Virtually unhackable
  • Encrypted (double SHA256)
  • Decentralized
  • Blockchain based Notary service for e-Consent & Metadata Decryption Keys
  • Managing transactions (transparency)
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • IoT ready

The e-Consent is stamped in a Decentralized Blockchain. In the future, Genobank will be integrated with medical prescriptions & IoT Devices.

You can follow and learn more about Genobank through these links:
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