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🎮 Blockchain Gaming goes Mainstream: Blockade Games releases Game Development Platform

The platform will enable developers to easily integrate blockchain technology into their games.

Blockade Games, the company behind Neon District, a cyberpunk blockchain-based RPG game, announced the creation of their new platform which will enable developers to easily integrate blockchain technology and unique NFT assets into their games.


"We aren't building a blockchain, and we aren't competing with existing services. We are building the bridge between blockchains, current dApp products and services, and our games. Our infrastructure is built to eliminate all user friction points and to scale to millions of players simultaneously. We're making it possible for blockchain games to go mainstream."

Blockade Games

Developer Platform Services

Blockade Games Services

Blockade is building the same technology stack with only slight variations between games. Their platform provides these pieces complete and ready for integration so that developers can focus on building games.

Some of the services include real-time blockchain state API, game asset contracts, cross-chain asset transfer and NFT pre-sale contracts among others.

UX and Individual Security

It’s important to note that the players won’t need to immediately get involved with blockchain details such as setting up a wallet and managing their private keys. “We want to give players the incentive to learn about their assets when they are motivated to do so. Our goal is to make it so that players don’t realize they’re playing a blockchain game” as mentioned on their website. The user experience will be improved and it will help gaming companies & studios to integrate blockchain assets into their games.

Blockade Games UX


With this platform Blockade Games will make the integration of blockchain assets into games easier than ever and will allow developers to focus more on building their games instead of spending a lot of time trying to comprehend the technical side of blockchain.

Some notable games built with this technology are Neon District and Plasma Bears.

You can learn more about Neon District here:

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