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📜 SingularityNET Monthly Updates #12

July & August news about $AGI.

Dear Singularitarians,

Microsoft’s recent decision to invest $1 Billion and to partner with OpenAI in pursuit of artificial general intelligence highlights the crucial nature of our mission.

Dr. Ben Goertzel, in his recent interview with Brian Rose of London Real, re-iterated that the global AI network we are building today is a “primordial soup” for the emergence of super-intelligence. The prime directives of the narrow AIs of today will manifest in the super-intelligence of tomorrow. Whether our greatest innovation will exacerbate our differences, or bring us closer, will be decided during this interim period.

As the world’s first decentralized AI platform, which has benevolence toward sentient beings encoded in its very DNA, SingularityNET offers the whole world an alternative to walled gardens. Let us take a look back at how the SingularityNET ecosystem evolved in July and August, and how we plan to advance the growth of our platform as we move closer to releasing V2 of SingularityNET Beta.

Partnership Highlight:
SingularityNET Studio partners with PICC Financial Services

SingularityNET Studio, the for-profit arm of the SingularityNET Foundation, entered into a Strategic Cooperation with PICC Financial Services Co. Ltd. (PICC FS), the wholly-owned fintech arm of People’s Insurance Company of China Holding Co. Ltd. (PICC).

Through the Studio, SingularityNET will work with PICC FS to apply AI and blockchain technology across the product line and throughout the service provision process in an ecosystem where AI experts provide innovative solutions and applications.

SingularityNET will support the PICC FS partnership with the world-renowned Plug & Play tech center to open an accelerator in Beijing to develop research initiatives, stage training programs, and hold events and seminars. In addition, PICC FS will work with SingularityNET’s affiliated AGI Society to promote the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) education and research in China.


From Narrow AI to AGI via Narrow AGI?

Our consistent focus on the development of Artificial General Intelligence as a revolution within the artificial intelligence space makes us forget the role that narrow A.I systems will play. In fact, narrow systems will most likely play such a vital role so as to trigger the AGI revolution unknowingly. Further progression of narrow systems will cause a subset of more naturally interacting agents to materialize within the world’s AI ecosystem.

As Dr. Goertzel recently discussed in his latest article, “There is a path from today’s Narrow AIs to tomorrow’s AGIs that passes through intermediate systems that are best thought of as Narrow AGIs. Furthermore, future AGI systems with transhuman generality of intelligence may operate in part by coordinating the activity of multiple Narrow AIs and Narrow AGIs.”

Minimizing Recommendation Fraud

SingularityNET’s AI team has made significant progress towards the creation of an impactful and efficient decentralized reputation system that minimizes fraud within digital marketplaces.

Building upon our previous research publications, our AI team explored the applicability of SingularityNET’s weighted liquid rank reputation algorithm in reducing recommendation fraud via experiments on simulated Amazon-like marketplaces.

The simulations allowed our AI team to realize that the probability of leaving a rating significantly impacts the performance of our reputation system. The AI team also concluded that using the “Anti-biased” reputation system configuration provides a much stronger scam resistance in marketplaces with ratings design and behavior similar to those of Amazon.

For further details, please refer to our business analysis report.

Utilizing SingulairtyNET’s Reputation to Prevent Scams

In continuation of our efforts to create an efficient decentralized reputation system, our AI team explored the effectiveness with which SingularityNET’s reputation system can be utilized to prevent scams on digital marketplaces.

The AI team analyzed the current state of different types of rating systems, explored how effectively our current reputation system distinguished between honest and fake reviews, and discussed the development of SingularityNET’s reputation algorithm to prevent scams within digital marketplaces.

To learn more about the research, please read the full version of our analysis.

The AGI Podcast

In the latest episode of the AGI podcast, Andreas Tsamados, a SingularityNET team member, spoke with Brett Frischman – a professor of Law, Business and Economics at Villanova University, and an Affiliate Scholar of the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School.

During the podcast, Professor Frischman analyzed the increasingly powerful influence of technology on our decision making capacities, explored how to rethink the digital networking tools, shared his views on the Reverse Turing Test, and discussed how humanity could flourish over the next few decades.

Tech Updates

The SingularityNET team has been hard at work at making sure that Version 2 of SingularityNET Beta is worth the wait.

Staying true to his character, Crypto AI Profit, one of our prominent community members, has been digging into our Github Repos to identify all the information pertaining to what’s next for SingularityNET! In his latest video, SingularityNET Refactored DAPP Progress, Crypto Ai profit takes a look at the commits moving the platform forward to its next evolution.

Media Coverage

As we represent SingularityNET across various events and create awareness about its capabilities and vision, the world is starting to notice us. Notable media mentions of SingularityNET for July include

Compilation of podcasts & interviews


In July members of our team represented SingularityNET at the following events:

July 8th – 11th – Dr. Goertzel spoke at RISE in Hong Kong where he took part in two panels: one regarding the implications of Cybersecurity in relation to A.I, and the other about the power of decentralized AI.

July 16th – 18th – MAICON – Arif Khan represented the SingularityNET team as a MAICON partner at this year’s event. The event brought together many qualified entrepreneurs, AI researchers, executives, and authors with the goal of creating strategies and technologies to increase AI marketability.

August & September Events

August 6th – 8th – Dr. Goertzel and part of the SingularityNET research team participated in talks at the AGI Conference.

August 12th -19th – Dr. Goertzel spoke about applying AI to solve pressing climate change challenges at the Sustainability Conference in Aspen, Colorado.

August 13th – 15th – Dr. Goertzel represented SingularityNET at the Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada.

August 19th – Our team will represent SingularityNET in Berlin at the Web 3 Summit 3 hosted by the Web 3 Foundation.

Sep 11-12 – Arif Khan will be representing SingularityNET at the Invest Asia event organized by CoinDesk.

That concludes July’s newsletter! Be sure to join our Telegram Channel, Community Forum, and follow us on RedditTwitterFacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn!

Thank you for your continued support,

The SingularityNET Team.

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