CryptoCactus Top 100 Crypto Analysis

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Analysis by TheCryptoCactus

Analysis & preview of the top coins on CoinMarketCap.

This article was written as a building block for fundamental research into the wide variety of decentralised products and platforms which are currently in the Top 100 coins listed on the CoinMarketCap website. (80+ hours of research)

I like to personally see this article as a brief dictionary for providing easy to read bulletpoints on key elements of each projects, which can then be used for your personal use to find projects which are interesting to yourself.

I understand the struggle of sifting through the 100’s and 100’s of projects not just to find something which has strong fundamentals but also something that truly interested in as an individual which allows for you to invest your time and money. It is highly likely that the time and effort which goes into researching deep into a project can be off-putting and probably one of the main factors we take information from people we trust in this community, but doing your own research is far more valuable as you can truly find projects which you are passionate and motivated by.

Hopefully this article can help shed some light on a few projects, resulting in you finding something that sparks excitement for you to research further.

Lets start from the top, shall we?

Ranked 99 : $DENT dent

  • Telecom Blockchain Company
  • Marketplace for data packages
  • Buy, Sell and Donate Mobile Data
  • Operators inc AT&T & Versizon
  • Live iOS & Android Dapp product
  • 10 Million Users (not confirmed)

Ranked 98 : $POWR POWR

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
  • Transparent, secure & instant electricity transactions
  • Low-cost payment system & Rapid micro-transactions
  • Trading platform for buying/selling energy
  • Deployed & active trading applications.

Ranked 97 : $RVN rvn

  • Token issued blockchain
  • Protocol based on a bitcoin fork
  • Transfer ownership of any asset
  • User friendly token creation
  • X16R mining algorithm, anti ASICS
  • 10x Faster block (1 minute)

Ranked 96 : $NEXO NEXO

  • Worlds first instant crypto backed loan
  • Military-grade security with 256-bit encryption
  • Assets backed by Goldmans Sachs
  • World’s First US SEC-compliant Asset-backed Token
  • One Billion in crypto backed loans

Ranked 95 : $QNT qnt

  • Overledger the first blockchain OS
  • Distribute applications across any blockchain
  • Multi-chain interoperability
  • Goverify a security verifier for email/sms
  • Preventing cyber security crimes via blockchain
  • Circulating supply 9,777,236 QNT

Ranked 94 :$ELA ela

  • First safe & secure infrastructure for the internet
  • Near infinite scalability for internet Dapps
  • Super computer running on peer to peer nodes
  • Merged mined on the bitcoin network
  • Employing AuxPoW+DPoS as a consensus model
  • Q1 Elastos DPoS Super Nodes

Ranked 93 : $ETP etp

  • ETP is the measurement of wealth on the Metaverse
  • MST + Avatar + Oracles + On-chain Exchange
  • Decentralised smart token (MST)
  • Self-sovereign identity ledgers (Avatars)
  • Rapid and transparent supervision (Oracles)
  • On-chain Exchange of assets

Ranked 92 : $PAI pai

  • Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI)
  • Avatar based blockchain
  • Virtual assistant, Healthcare, Social Networking
  • $BTC & $BTT are the underlying technologies
  • Uses secp256k18 EC field and curve parameters
  • BitTorrent used to store clients data

Ranked 91 : $DGD dgd

  • Digital gold standard on ethereum
  • Represents physical gold with DGX tokens
  • 1 DGX represents 1 gram of gold
  • Backed by 99.99% gold cast bars from London Bullion Market
  • 2,000,000 tokens in existence
  • Physical redemption can be done in Singapore

Ranked 90 : $XZC xZC

  • Private financial transactions, enabled by Zerocoin protocol
  • Completely untraceable and secure transactions
  • Allows minting of public coins into private
  • Minted coins can be spent without the owners authority
  • Zcoin features a fully auditable coin supply

Ranked 89 : $AION aion

  • Platform for building Dapps
  • Enables cross-chain applications
  • Supply chain logistics & Big data
  • Decentralization for Internet of Things
  • Digital content & Ownership
  • Royalty distribution for rightful owners
  • ICO platform for raising funds

Ranked 88 : $MOAC moac

  • Multi-layer blockchain architecture for commercial
  • API layer for quick access and accessibility
  • Upper layer Microchain smart contracts
  • Transaction verification through consensus
  • Global Motherchain for behaviour control
  • Peer 2 peer community layer

Ranked 87 : $RDD rdd

  • Blockchain for personalized IDs & Social
  • ReddID links to social media accounts
  • Send tips “ReddID” to users with one click
  • Community is built on volunteer devs
  • Coins are stored in a light browser wallet
  • Support your favourite creators

Ranked 86 : $GXC gxc

  • A Trusted Data Internet of Value
  • DPoS based Graphene underlying architecture
  • Blockcity dApp platform, 1 million users
  • P2P Data Marketplace
  • Data Matrix, powerful data acquisition
  • Mining through Proof of Data
  • $33,731,743 Market Cap

Ranked 85 : $BNT bnt

  • Cross-Chain Liquidity Network
  • Easy to use and clean UI
  • Store, manage & convert all tokens
  • Unlimited Liquidity, No listing fees
  • Thousands of token pairs
  • Open source framework, ERC20 token standard
  • Formula for handling price slippage
  • Good team

Ranked 84 : $MANA mana

  • Best website UI & UX I’ve seen
  • Community driven virtual world
  • All star team, 6+ years Google Director
  • ERC-20 token MANA is spent for LAND
  • LAND is 10x10m of virtual space
  • Drag and drop LAND creation with assets
  • ETH contracts for land ownership

Ranked 83 : $ELF elf

  • Decentralized Cloud Computing Network
  • Automatic server expansion for overload
  • Full nodes run on cloud servers
  • Token holders ensure governance
  • Poor website design, 404 crashes
  • 51% of token owned by team
  • Only 11% for mining (100 years)

Ranked 82 : $AOA aoa

  • Lighting fast contracts with DPOS+BFT
  • Multi-chain parallel processing
  • Cluster Grouping for nodes, Optimisation
  • Unlimited increase of TPS with guaranteed security
  • Github updates are consistent
  • Multi-chain parallel Q1 Testnet
  • Mobile Wallet Launched

Ranked 81 : $LKY lky

  • Professional supervised financial platform
  • Decentralized digital investments
  • Personal consulting services
  • LKY is the proof of stake
  • Unreleased product & services
  • Private sale 40%, Mining 20%
  • “Conceptual website & whitepaper”
  • No team on website

Ranked 80 : $KCS kcs

  • Shares for “Kucoin”
  • KuCoin 2.0 Scheduled Upgrading
  • Released mobile app for trading
  • $400,000 trade volume for bitcoin
  • 0.1% trading fees, withdrawl fees
  • 50% of shares owned by team
  • Decent for trading low caps but team are unresponsive at best.

Ranked 79 : $WAX wax

  • Worldwide Virtual Asset Exchange
  • Buy and sell virtual items online
  • Serves 400+ million players
  • Developed by Founders of OpSkins
  • Rewards community for tasks
  • Huge item database Opskins are huge, very strong team and will research deeper into this.

Ranked 78 : $MONA mona

  • The first Japanese Cryptocurrency
  • Fully distributed payment system
  • Not pre-mined, 105 million coins
  • First coin to introduce Segwit
  • Wallets developed by third parties
  • Website lacks crucial information
  • No team information

Ranked 77 : $PIVX pivx

  • Private Instant Verified Transaction
  • MIT licensed, open source
  • Allows complete privacy while staking (zPoS)
  • ZDEX Private decentralized exchange
  • Untracable, 60 sec transactions
  • Ownership & Community rewards
  • Strong community backing.

Ranked 76 : $LRC lrc

  • Protocol for decentralized exchange
  • Shareable liquidity, Maximum Flexibility
  • Loopring is open sourced, DEX network
  • 20% profits on all orders users generate
  • Users make orders from their non-custodial wallets
  • No recent roadmap updates

Ranked 75 : $WALT walt

  • Focus on blockchain + IoT (VIoT) ecosystem
  • Blockchain implementation for logistical industries
  • Tracking big data for food, clothes and manufacturers
  • Developed a smart RFID reader/writer
  • Launching cross-chain architecture Q1
  • Good team, based in SK

Ranked 74 : $INB inb

  • A Decentralised Research Ecosystem
  • Used to research crypto-currency companies
  • Companies provide data to be traded
  • Analyst give real time research/strategies
  • Roadmap last updated Q1 2018
  • Based on the EOS platform
  • Low community interaction

Ranked 73 : HyperCash $HC hc

  • Cross platform currency
  • A Parallel, dual-chain ecosystem
  • Facilitates data exchange from blockchain to non-blockchain
  • Post-quantum signature technology
  • PoW + Pos, AI Lighting Protocol
  • Small team, investors include bitmain – $50,000,000 HC

Ranked 72 : $ARDR ardr

  • Scalable, Secure blockchain platform
  • Offering mass features and child chains
  • 100% pre mined, PoS, Lightweight forging nodes
  • Voting, Messaging, Exchange, Aliases, Marketplace
  • Recent sidechain ICO sold 3% of tokens
  • Same team that created NXT

Ranked 71 : $FCT fct

  • Open source data integrity protocol
  • Built to leverage security of blockchain
  • Voting, Smart Contracts & Identity Solutions
  • Data writing price is fixed to $0.001/kb
  • Homeland security awarded $192k to Factom
  • Testing capability of securre IoT

Ranked 70 : $MAID maid

  • Decentralised internet of things
  • Released SAFE web browser
  • Powered by users spare computing power
  • Free web browser & infomation access
  • Minimal one time fee to upload & store
  • Founded in 2006, 10 years of development
  • +$55,000,000 Market Cap

Ranked 69 : $ENJ enj

  • Blockchain based around game development
  • Easy to integrate SDK’s for game engines
  • Efinity sidechain for scaling solutions
  • In Game Currency, Dapps, Rewards & Esports
  • Partnership with Unity, NRG, PC Gamer
  • Featured on the flagship Samsung s10

Ranked 68 : $ETN etn

  • Digital instant payment system
  • Store of value for payments
  • Faster user growth than Facebok (2018)
  • Rewards users $3 a month of ETN
  • Allows mining on mobile devices
  • Released App IOS & Google
  • Strong community & team has good experience in the industry

Ranked 67 : $ARK ark

  • All in one blockchain solution
  • Highly flexible, adaptable & scalable
  • 8 second block time transactions
  • Uses consensus DPoS system
  • Released Mobile & Desktop Wallet
  • Highly Active githhub commits
  • Worldwide Team, 23 Core members in 11 countries

Ranked 66 : $XIN xin

  • Lightning fast peer-to-peer transactions
  • 1,000,000,000,000 TPS capacity
  • Uses UTXO model of Bitcoin to handle transactions
  • Support 50,000 cryptocurrency assets
  • Mixin Messenger, end to end encryption
  • Token Supply of 1,000,000 XIN

Ranked 65 : $GNT gnt

  • Open source, decentralized super computer
  • Combined power from users computers
  • Brass golem allows for fast CGI rendering
  • Producing machine learning stacks for devs
  • Tokens used to pay for machine resources
  • Uses ETH transaction system for payments

Ranked 64 : $PPT ppt

  • Invoice Finance Platform 
  • Buy and Sell invoices via auction
  • Connects businesses to buyers (Marketplace)
  • All invoices stored on ETH blockchain
  • Uses a stable coin to ensure stability
  • Altman Z-scores for credit rating
  • All token supply in circulation

Ranked 63 : $SNT snt

  • Access the ethereum blockchain anywhere
  • Pushing adoption for ETH via accessibility
  • Mobile app, access messenger & ETH Dapps
  • Incubating projects that are building Web3
  • Average team with strong UI/UX design
  • Circulating supply is 50% of total supply

Ranked 62 : $GUSD gusd

  • Gemini backed stable coin
  • Examined monthly by BPM, Verify 1:1
  • The worlds first regulated stablecoin
  • Quick access for selling & buying
  • Build on Ethereum as a ERC20 token
  • Strong exchange, lower market liquidity
  • Company regulated by the NYSDFS

Ranked 61 : $REPO repo

  • Car repossession industry
  • ERC20 token, Stellar protocol
  • Use the app to scan license plates
  • Earn $REPO from public contracts
  • Q4 2019, IOS & Android Release

Ranked 60 : $STRAT strat

  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
  • The STRAT token fuels the platform
  • Smart Contracts, ICO Platform, Sidechains
  • Every Node executes its own block validation for security
  • Offers inhouse blockchain consultancy for businesses
  • Total Supply is unknown

Ranked 59: $DAI dai

  • Stable coin & Collateral Loans
  • DAI holders can utilize a saving scheme
  • Earn steady, low-risk return on DAI holdings
  • Uses Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs)
  • Currently supports Collateral, Pooled ETH
  • 1:1 USD SOFT pegged to the dollar
  • Maker team

Ranked 58 : $IOST iost

  • Building a ultra-high TPS blockchain
  • Able to process up to 100,000 TPS
  • Efficient Distributed Sharding (EDS)
  • Algorithm is “Proof-of-Believability”
  • Atomic Commit protocol for safeguard
  • Active Github with 7880 commits
  • Launching Dapps & Mainnet Q2

Ranked 57 : $BTM btm

  • Digital asset layer protocol
  • Peer to peer financial Dapps
  • Can verify transactions in parallel
  • Transmission, Contract & Asset layers
  • ESCDA encryption & SHA256 hashing
  • Consensus POW, ASIC friendly
  • $95 million dollar marketcap
  • Active developer GIT

Ranked 56 : $CRO cro

  • Accept payments anywhere, anytime
  • Seamless, secure & cost effective merchant solution
  • MCO Visa Cards, holds dollars not crypto
  • Wallet auto switches to stable coins, choose risk type
  • Zero processing fees for merchants
  • 100,000,000,000 Token Supply

Ranked 55 : $XVG xvg

  • Privacy based cryptocurrency
  • Uses Anonymity networks, TOR
  • Wallet has built in TOR intergration
  • Dual-Key stealth addressing
  • High amount of merchant vendors
  • Atomic Swap Capability on DEX
  • Open source & Community driven
  • 11% supply in one account

Ranked 54 : $KMD kmd

  • Open-source blockchain ecosystem
  • Seamless interoperability, Limitless scalability
  • AWS Advanced Technology Partner
  • Allows every project to have a unique blockchain
  • Blocks have multi-chain linking & burn protocol
  • Atomic swap supports 95% of assets

Ranked 54 : $SIA sc

  • Fully decentralized cloud storage
  • Data storage marketplace on blockchain
  • 2.9PB Capacity, 300+ Storage providers
  • Store 1TB of data for $2 per month
  • Files split into 30 segments before upload
  • 3.9% of every contract, given to company as fee

Ranked 53 : $NPXS npxs

  • Blockchain based point-of-sales (POS)
  • XPOS borderless payment ecosystem
  • Merchants receive the payment fees
  • Developing a blockchain based phone
  • Rewards merchants for adopting XPOS
  • Product already used globally
  • Large community & Experienced Team

Ranked 52 : $AE ae

  • Smart contracts interfacing real-world data
  • Hybrid consensus between PoW and PoS
  • User-friendly identities
  • Has ability to exectute smart contracts off-chain
  • Oracles connect real world data with smart contracts
  • 42% of tokens held by one wallet

Ranked 51 : $PAX pax

  • Paxos is a regulated financial institution
  • Safeguard on physical and digital assets
  • Digitize assets live onto the blockchain
  • ItBit exchange, deep fiat liquidity pools
  • Raised over $93M in funding
  • Oversight from New York DFS
  • $120 million market cap

Ranked 50 : $THETA theta

  • End-to-end infrastructure for video streaming
  • Resource Oriented Micropaymens, Proof-of-Engagement
  • Thousands of nodes in consensus process, 1,000+ TPS
  • Goal to achieve maximum CDN bandwidth reduction on videos
  • Investment from Sony & Samsung

Ranked 49: bcd $BCD

  • Fork from original bitcoin blockchain
  • Global currency, Low transactions
  • Attempts to solve scaling issues
  • BCD pay wallet for online payments
  • Optimized X13(GPU) mining algorithm
  • 10x more total supply that bitcoin
  • Chimpion all in one ecommerce PoS

Ranked 48 : $ABBC abbc

  • Blockchain for distribution, finance & security
  • Accepts small amount of tokens
  • Looking to connect shopping industry to blockchain
  • Working on facial recognition payment systems
  • Half of total supply is in circulating
  • Undetailed roadmap of future

Ranked 47 : $NANO nano

  • Instant transactions, zero fees, infinite scalability 
  • Pre-cache’s anti-spam PoS 
  • uses ED25519 algo for fast verification and security
  • Lightweight nodes that cost next to nothing to run
  • 100% premined, 95% distributed, 5% kept as developer funds.

Ranked 46 : $BTS bts

  • Decentralized Autonomous Cooperation (DAC)
  • Industrial-grade decentralized platform
  • Based on open-source MIT Graphene technology
  • Transactions to the blockchain within 3 seconds
  • Supports subscription payments, Low fees
  • BTS works as a utility token

Ranked 45 : $BTT btt

  • Tokenizing the bittorrent file sharing protocol 
  • 100m users, 138 countries, 22% total upstream traffic 
  • TRC-10 utility token based on TRON protocol 
  • Token can be used to access faster download speeds 
  • 1/5 Tokens are not in circulation at the moment

Ranked 44 : $HOT hot

  • Framework for distributed peer to peer Dapps
  • Scalable, agent-centric distributed platform 
  • Nodes are not required to maintain the same chain 
  • Nodes do not produce a scalability bottleneck
  • More users using a dapp allow for more scalability and power

Ranked 43 : $DGB dgb

  • Secure, fast & forward thinking blockchain
  • Blockchain is spread over 200,00+ servers & nodes
  • Early segwit implementation
  • Digibyte security can fix 90% of web vulnerabilities
  • 7 million blocks, overcoming scability issues
  • Half max supply in circulation

Ranked 42 : $ICX icx

  • Connecting real world industries to blockchain
  • Allows for public and private interchain blockchains
  • Unique naming convention for wallet ID
  • Good developer incentives and easy to setup portal
  • Vast amount of active Dapps
  • Alliance with $AION & $WAN

Ranked 41 : $REP rep

  • Exchange for trading/hedging against events
  • Predict elections, natural disasters & events
  • Company forecasting for future projections
  • Automatic payouts, low fees & permissionless
  • REP, used for reporting/disputing these events

Ranked 40 : $STEEM steem

  • Social blockchain for growing communities
  • Returns value back to the content creators
  • Paid $60,000,000 to creators since june
  • Processes more transactions than bitcoin
  • Steem apps already over 1 million users
  • Free & fast transactions built for scale

Ranked 39 : $ZIL zil

  • Scalable, secure and high-performance blockchain
  • Only uses Proof of Work for miner verification
  • Highly secure smart contract language, Scilla
  • Partnered with bluzelle & genaro network
  • Active github with strong team development
  • High TPS rates at 2800

Ranked 38 : $LINK link

  • Smart contracts connected to real world data
  • Highly reliable decentralized oracle network
  • Connect to any external API, send payments
  • Connects smart payments with Paypal & SWIFT
  • Selected by Gartner as a blockchain leader in apps

Ranked 37 : $DCR dcr

  • Decred is an autonomous digital currency
  • Censorship-resistant public proposal platform
  • Cross-chain atomic swaps between cryptocurrencies
  • Innovative consensus voting model for stakeholders
  • Less than 50% of supply in circulation
  • Lighting Network

Ranked 36 : $TUSD tusd

  • TrustToken Asset Tokenization Platform
  • TrueUSD (TUSD) is a stablecoin 1-for-1 for US
  • TUSD the first token created on TrustToken Platform
  • Building tokenized assets for all aspects of life
  • Liquidity Premiums, Fractional ownership, Worldwide

Ranked 35 : $LSK lsk

  • Build powerful and scalable blockchain applications
  • Giving ease to developers producing Dapps (JS)
  • Token used for paying fees on the network
  • LiskCore allows technical devs to attain delegate forging access
  • Houses all aspects of developing a blockchain

Ranked 34 : $ZRX zrx

  • Powering Decentralized Exchange
  • Enables peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the $ETH blockchain
  • Facilitates the exchange of ERC-20 and ERC-721 assets
  • Building a layer of networked liquidity, allowing pool access
  • Seamless integration for for developers

Ranked 33 : $MXM mxm

  • Efficient & Transparent Distributed Revenue System
  • Cloud-based pool mining platform (Staking Tokens)
  • Users receive a portion of the pool as a reward
  • Freely switch between tokens and mining pools
  • Partnered with Bitmain, Antpool and HitBTC

Ranked 32 : $NAS nas

  • Focus on data, interactions & collaboration
  • Community Collaboration Platform
  • Access, Use & Query cross-chain database
  • Proof of Devotion (PoD) consensus algorithm
  • Provides ability to upgrade without forking
  • 6,800+ DApps, 2,300+ developers (Alleged)

Ranked 31 : $DGTX dgtx

  • Non-custodial, no fee exchange
  • Revenue created by token issuance instead of fees
  • Unique trading Interface & large tick sizes eliminate noise
  • Uses AI market makers with 20% of cirrculating supply
  • Working with plasma protocol for future implementation

Ranked 30 $USDC usdc

  • Open source, smart contract stablecoin
  • Full reserves for equivalent value of token
  • Regularly fully audited AML to FATF standards
  • Uses CENTER framwork by Circle & Coinbase
  • Good amount of app providers accepting USDC
  • Over 5.5B funds transfered to date

Ranked 29 : $WAVES waves

  • A blockchain layer to power Web 3.0 infrastructure
  • Dapps do not require ‘Gas’ & use Atomic Execution
  • Inbuilt programming language for on-chain execution
  • Handles all stages of web 3.0 integration stages
  • WAVES token is used as a tool for all products

Ranked 28 : $QTUM qtum

  • Enterprise & business-friendly smart contract platform
  • POS based and boasts governance protocol (DGP)
  • Platform leveraging security of UTXO
  • Uses AAL to decouple Dapps from the underlying protocol
  • 3500+ nodes in 70+ countries, exceeded on BTC/ETH

Ranked 27 : $OMG omgo

  • A scaling solution for finance on ETH blockchain
  • Enabling transparent, peer-to-peer transactions real-time
  • Exchange mechanism to provide cross-chain interoperability
  • Designed to pioneer PLASMA
  • Partnered with SBI investments and Golden Gate Ventures

Ranked 26 : $BTG btg

  • Forked bitcoin, mined on common GPUs instead of specialty ASICs
  • Closely compatible with bitcoin including Segwit & Lighting
  • GPU mining allows for a more distributed pool
  • BTGPay is connecting merchants & services to the end user
  • 21m fixed max supply

Ranked 25 : $DOGE doge

  • Open-source peer-to-peer digital currency
  • Focus on community building & simplicity
  • Currency main use is tipping fellow content lovers and creators
  • Circulating Supply equal to the max supply
  • Fun, friendly and easy to use currency
  • Everyone loves dogs

Ranked 24 : $BAT bat

  • Brave is a privacy based, security focused web browser
  • Decentralized, transparent digital ad exchange
  • Tokens earned through users giving attention to ads
  • Keeps data private while showing fewer but relevant ads
  • Founded by co-founder (Mozilla & Firefox)

Ranked 23 : $VET vet

  • Global enterprise level blockchain
  • Proof of Authority & State-of-the-art IoT solutions
  • Tracks authenticity via smartchips in products
  • Creates a digital trail of a vehicles history
  • Tracks end-to-end production processes
  • Flexible for enterprise Use

Ranked 22 : $ZEC zec

  • Privacy based digital currency built on strong science
  • Shielded Zcash transactions are completely private
  • Transactions verified without revealing the sender
  • KZen networks will bring private n-of-n multisig to Zcash
  • Multisig and Transaction expiration

Ranked 21 : $XEM xem

  • Smart asset blockchain built for performance
  • Powerful modular customization for any application
  • Industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers
  • NEM’s API interface can be used with any language
  • Used for fintech systems & tracking logistic

Ranked 20 : $ONT ont

  • Development tools & multi language for Dapps
  • Perfomance features like VBFT and sharding solve scalbility
  • 90+ Core Team Members & 200,000+ Community Contributors
  • Dual token model, ONT for staking & ONG for utility
  • Half of total supply in circulation

Ranked 19 : $MKR mkr

  • Transparent and sustainable finance
  • Stablecoin, collateral loans, and governance
  • Opening CDP allows exposure to underlying assets
  • MKR holders make decisions that impact the system
  • Codebased received three separate security audits
  • 1:1 USD soft peg

Ranked 18 : $ETC etc

  • Smart blockchain forked from ethereum after hack
  • Focus on IoT applications and runs verified EVM
  • Immutability, does not follow governance protocol 
  • Lab incubators to accelerate ETC platform growth
  • Debatable marketing approach

Ranked 17 : $NEO neo

  • Automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts
  • Digital certificates provide full legal asset protection
  • Facilitates P2P trustless asset exchange 
  • Runs encryption that is unbreakable by quantum
  • Allows on & off chain governance protocol

Ranked 16 : $IOTA iota

  • Blockchain based around internet of things (IoT)
  • IOTA uses directed acyclic graph to solve scalability
  • Tps speed increases with number of active users
  • Expecting 75 billion connected devices by 2025
  • Working with national and international regulators

Ranked 15 : $XTZ xtz

  • Governance platform for smart contracts, Dapps
  • Stakeholders govern future platform innovations
  • All stakeholders can validate transactions for reward
  • Self-amendment allows for upgrade without forks
  • Developed by ex-Morgan Stanley analyst Arthur Breitman

Ranked 14 : $BSV bsv

  • Bitcoin fork 
  • Restores the original Bitcoin protocol, allows good scalability 
  • Founder thinks he is Satoshi Nakamoto (Yikes)
  • Some would say team lacks communication & transparency

Ranked 13 : $DASH dash

  • Instant, global and easy to use cryptocurrency payment
  • Near zero fees, instant settlements & no chargebacks
  • Nodes backed by collateral advance services and governance
  • 1 second Tps and over 4800+ merchants (Q4 18)
  • Transactions secured by PoW

Ranked 12 : $XMR xmr

  • Digital currency with the main focus on privacy 
  • Transactions by distributed consensus & immutably
  • Uses ring signatures and stealth addresses to obfuscate transactions
  • Cannot be linked to real-world identity
  • Houses openAlias a TXT DNS record on a FQDN

Ranked 11 : $TRX trx

  • Decentralized blockchain platform for the web 3.0
  • Consistently handles 2,000 transactions per second, 24×7
  • Daily active users (DAU) 50,000 across 200 Dapps
  • Tron ECP aims to help startup Dapps on the network
  • Successful acquisition of Bittorrent in 2018

Ranked 10 : $ADA ada

  • Open source, smart contract platform built from scientific philosophy
  • Separation of accounting and computation into separate layers
  • Open & transparent about audits and other regulated reports
  • Combining user privacy with regulators for regulated computing

Ranked 9 : $XLM xlm

  • Middleman between financial produts and institutions
  • Move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost
  • Easy to intergrate Horizon API for wallet actions
  • Ability to freeze disputed or misguided funds
  • 5% of initial XLM set aside for operational costs

Ranked 8 : $USDT usdt

  • Anchors price 1:1 for national currencies like USD or EURO
  • 100% backed by reserves in cash, loans & other assets such as gold
  • Most widely integrated digital-to-fiat currency to-date
  • Registered with FCEN of the US Department of the Treasury

Ranked 7 : $BNB bnb

  • Exchange token for ‘Binance’ high liquidity exchange
  • Multi-tier & multi-cluster system architecture
  • Capable of processing 1,400,000 orders per second
  • Launching ‘Binance Chain’ smart contract blockchain
  • Experienced team in digital finance & wall street

Ranked 6 : $LTC ltc

  • Peer to peer payments with near-zero cost payments
  • Released under MIT/X11 license so anyone can copy/use code
  • 2.5 minute block generation so faster TPs than bitcoin
  • Low Fees, High Liquiditity & Faster payment processing
  • Solid team and block reliability

Ranked 5 : $EOS eos

  • Scalable & flexible infrastructure/platform for Dapps 
  • Raised over 4 billion dollars, pre released product 
  • Open-source MIT software license for blockchain
  • Up to the party to update & main the software after deploy 
  • Currently being build by BlockOne

Ranked 4 : $BCH bch

  • Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash
  • Increasing fees from bitcoin lead to hardfork for increasing blocksize
  • Free marketing and press for merchants that accept Bcash
  • Block size limit set to 8MB, massive on-chain scaling approach
  • Claims to be the real bitcoin

Ranked 3 : $XRP xrp

  • Offers banks, on-demand option to source liquidity for digital payments 
  • Lower foreign exchange costs and provide faster payment settlement
  • Payments settle in 4 seconds, handles 1,500 Tps 
  • Partnered with Santander to license their backend software

Ranked 2 : $ETH eth

  • Number one decentralized platform that runs smart contracts
  • Created solidity language for developers to builds Dapps/SC
  • Houses some of the biggest & best altcoins on the market
  • 4500+ monthly devs, 2200+ live Dapps
  • 12,000,000 ETH set-aside for developers

Ranked 1 : $BTC btc

  • The worlds first open source, peer to peer digital cash
  • Fast, secure and instantly receivable anywhere in the world
  • Fixed supply at 21,000,000 making it an incredible store of value
  • Led the way in a new world of decentralised products
  • Creator Unknown

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to review and read this dictionary of research on the Top 100 coins, I really hope this article can be useful in providing you with the building blocks to continue your research.

If you would like to see more of my content please check out TheCryptoCactus over on twitter for daily research notes, charts and overall news.

Thanks again


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