V-Dimension Vollar cryptocurrency wallet installation guide. How to install VDS.

How to join V-Dimension – VDS Vollar Installation Guide

How to install the VDS wallet on desktop & smartphone.

In this step-by-step guide, I will explain how to simply install the VDS wallet of the Vollar cryptocurrency on Windows and Android. (The android version is more stable for now.) If you want to learn more about V-Dimension, check out my two articles:

Installation guide:

1. Download Tor browser & VDS Installer

V-Dimension VDS deep web Tor website. Vollar cryptocurrency.
  1. Download the Tor browser from here.
  2. Install Tor and visit vdsvvvxxmxpssszd.onion
  3. Go to the downloads section and download the Android or Windows version.

    (You can also join the V-Dimension Telegram group and download the mobile app from the pinned message.)

2. Install VDS, create wallet

Android Smartphone

V-Dimension VDS android wallet app for Vollar cryptocurrency.
  1. For smartphones rename the file you downloaded by adding the extention .apk to it, in order to make it an installer recognized by your smartphone.
  2. Run the application and install the VDS wallet. When you open it for the first time you can either import your BTC address or continue to create your online or offline VDS wallet. (You can also import a wallet you created on your pc.) The VDS android app is both a Vollar and a Bitcoin wallet. You can send or receive coins like you normally do with every other wallet.


Vollar VDS Desktop Cryptocurrency Wallet
  1. Unzip the file you downloaded, run the vds-qt.exe file and install VDS. (Select the disk with most free space)
  2. After the installation run the vds-qt.exe file again and choose create address, then set a password and confirm. After that write down your 12 word seed-phrase, input your 12 words to verify and keep it safe.
  3. When you run the .exe an error will show up. Go to the files you downloaded, find the $APPDATA folder and copy the VdsParams folder inside it. Then go to C:/Users/*YourUsername*/AppData/Roaming and paste the VdsParams folder in there.
  4. Go to the files you downloaded -> $APPDATA folder -> VDS folder and copy the vds.conf file. Go to your VDS installation location, paste the vds.conf file and replace it.
  5. Run the vds-qt.exe again and enter the wallet. (Note: the system will synchronize VDS and BTC block data automatically by now. You can check the VDS block synchronization status in the left down corner of the wallet.)
  6. You can also create a Light Master Node (BTC rewards) if you have 100 Vollar and a Super Master Node (Vollar rewards) if you have 10,000 Vollar coins.

Note that the desktop version requires 200GB free disk space because it will download the bitcoin and vollar blockchains.

You can also watch this video to learn how to use the VDS tools with the most safety, and how to create a VDS offline wallet:

3. Scan QR code to create VID

If you want to unlock your VDS Identity (VID) you must go to your Android VDS app, choose create VID, pay 10 Vollar and scan the QR code of the person who invited you. After activation you have unlocked the VDS Secret Chat, VDS groups and OTC trading which will be introduced in the next versions. Now you can use your VID to invite more people and earn 4 Vollar for each one that joins.

Vollar V-Dimension VDS scan QR code VID identity activation.
Scan this with your VDS Android app to activate your VID

If you have any questions you can ask me for help, or join the Official V-Dimension Telegram group: https://t.me/V_Dimension.

Follow me on Twitter: Twitter https://twitter.com/NagatoDharma

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