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VIBE or DIE Game Launches on January 12 – $BNB & $ETH support

VIBE cryptocurrency releases Vibe or Die game for Desktop.

The Virtual Reality (VR) focused cryptocurrency VIBE, announced it will be releasing the first-person shooter game VIBE or DIE for PC/MAC on Jan 12, 2019. It’s a game similar to Halo and Call of Duty, where players will join the game mode of their choice and will be rewarded or deducted VIBE, ETH or BNB every time they make a kill or are killed by another user. In order to play using BNB or ETH, users will be required to maintain a VIBE balance of at least 1000 in their VIBENet wallets.

In the first phase, VIBE or DIE will be a PC download and playable without a VR headset. The team was lead to this decision in order to have higher quality desktop graphics, compared to those of browser games. The VR integration for users will occur later in the year. Players will be able to choose between VIBE, ETH or BNB coins as their in-game currency. Later on, other ERC20 tokens will be able to submit an application in order to be accepted and integrated within VIBE or DIE & other upcoming future games, or to be used to sponsor nodes. All tokens listed on VIBENet will be able to facilitate instant atomic mirco-transactions with no gas fees while on the VIBE private chain.

Game Server Nodes

The VIBENet platform will give VIBE, ETH and BNB token holders a unique opportunity by allowing them to sponsor the nodes used to run the game servers. Users who choose to sponsor nodes will be given a percentage of transaction fees generated in VIBE or DIE gameplay on those nodes. The cost to sponsor a node will be on a monthly basis in VIBE, ETH or BNB.


As mentioned above, it will be a first-person shooter game like Call of Duty. There will be four different game modes per cryptocurrency based on the user’s price preference. These will range from .01 per kill/death up to 100 per kill/death in the respected currencies to satisfy all levels of competition.

This is the first gaming release from the Vibe team. The VIBEHub platform will give cryptocurrency users the opportunity to experience gaming on the blockchain with an AAA game, for the first time. They will also release the VR-only game “VIBE to SURVIVE” also in January. The team worked closely with the Binance team to deliver this product and they will be running a promotional campaign during this month. See you in the battlegrounds.

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