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Neon District | Cyberpunk RPG Blockchain Game

Neon District will be released in 2019.
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Neon District is a Free-to-Play tactical RPG video game for iOS, Android, and PC. It features a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic enriched by beautiful, stunning artwork created by top-tier graphic designers. Produced by the company Blockade Games, it is a much anticipated game in the Blockchain space and is expected to be released during mid-2019.



Neon District Marketplace
Tradable equipment on the Blockchain.

Neon District is an immersive world that allows players to create and exchange real world value directly through the gameplay. The game’s economy will use Ethereum’s ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), with help from the Loom Network and players will be able to manage their assets through their MetaMask wallets. These equipment assets will increase the character’s statistics & attributes, and they will be managed by hybrid on-chain and off-chain transactions. They will be tradable through a P2P marketplace where players will be able to view, list and purchase in-game items.


Neon District 2D Battle
Neon District will feature 2D battles in the likes of Final Fantasy.

The PvP battle will be traditional turn-based, with players having permanent achievements and a record of wins, losses, quests & raids. The attributes will be Strength, Utility and Intelligence and characters will choose a sub-path at Level 10. There will also be an opportunity for passive-income generated by providing servides through the Dojo & Guilds.

Missions & Puzzles

Neon District Missions

The game’s team has history in creating Bitcoin / Blockchain puzzles, where cryptography and other elements are required in order to solve them and claim the rewards. Neon District will also feature a unique mission system that creates a never-ending set of diverse tactical puzzles for players to solve, combined with server-wide mystery Quests for a chance to obtain one-of-a-kind special loot. Missions & Quests demand diverse planning, which makes it very hard for bots to grind value in game. More fun, less grinding!


The Blockade Games start-up was created by Marguerite deCourcelle, a famous creator of puzzles in the blockchain space. The team consists of 20 people in the fields of Graphic Design, IT Programming, Game Development and Blockchain smart contracts.

Neon District Team
Neon District Team 2

Graphic Art


Neon District won’t have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), instead it will be bootstrapped by Blockcade Games. They raised an $833,000 seed equity round from private investors and various investment ventures like BlockTower Capital Partners and Horizon Digital. The startup is now valued at $13 Million.


Personally, I believe Neon District will be one of the most fun and well designed blockchain games of 2019. Stay tuned for more upcoming cyberpunk announcements and news from the blockchain gaming industry.

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