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Age of Dragons – Blockchain Game

Age of Dragons enables users to own, breed and battle with Dragons on the Ethereum blockchain.
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In the first days of April, 2018, Gamegene, a blockchain company, announced the creation of the game Age of Dragons. Age of Dragons is an online browser fantasy game, which utilizes the Ethereum network for the in-game transactions, through its currency Neo Genesis Token (NGT) and ensures the possession of the Dragons and also the items of the game through the blockchain technology. You can easily connect to the game through the Metamask browser wallet.

GameGene’s Vision

Age of Dragons Lands - Countries
Players will be able to build Countries, and determine their function and governance.

Based on the huge potential that blockchain brings to the gaming sector, Gamegene aims to develop a new generation of games, completely different than ever before. A true gaming community which provides a new experience to the players. The team is very experienced in creating, designing and running high quality games like Order & Chaos Online, League of Tanks & Splinter Cell. They also have a large network of partners and deep understanding of the blockchain technology. Their goal is to change the profit driven mindset of the game creation, by offering an innovative and revolutionary experience, focusing on pleasure and entertainment, in a way which cannot be achieved by the traditional game companies. Age of Dragons is the first blockchain game they released and it is a browser based game where players can collect, breed and battle with Dragons. It aims to become the first million-user-level blockchain game product and to serve as the ecological foundation of the GameGene blockchain gaming platform.


In Age of Dragons players can buy dragons that are born through smart contracts and are saved on the Ethereum blockchain. They can use the dragons in arena battles to gain experience and level them up, breed them to produce new dragons and trade them for ETH & NGT. The battles require strategic moves and the players must take in consideration the attributes and the special abilities each dragon has in order to achieve victory.

Age of Dragons Battles
Players can test their combat skills by making battles in the Arena against other players.

Gradually there will be more features added to the game, like creating Countries where the rulers will determine the politics and the economy. They can choose between maintaining peace and taking advantage of resources like lumber, herbs and minerals or they can start a war to decide who is the Master of the Land. Players will be able to own Land, which will produce resources needed for creating items and castles, or they can buy them from other players.

Age of Dragons Herbs

A special feature of Age of Dragons is that, in the future, third-party developers will be able to create additional, new game content for the players of the Gamegene platform, providing them with endless stories & content. They will be able to create tasks for players to complete and dungeons for them to search for treasures.

Development & Roadmap

At this moment, the first edition of Age of Dragons has been released, with upcoming versions expected throughout 2019. Check the roadmap, below:

Gamegene aims to creating a new ecosystem, where the players will enjoy playing games while having extra value provided by owning and trading items on the Blockchain. Additionally, programmers will be able to develop and implement their games on the platform so that they can attract more players. In order to achieve this, Gamegene will use its funds for research, development and management. Up to this date, the company has received funding from its token presale, and also from various Venture Capital firms like the Chinese Fenbushi Capital & Node Capital, and also from the JIC Capital from Silicon Valley, California.


Blockchain-based games are expected to spark a disruptive revolution in the traditional games market.

The global gaming market revenue in 2017 was close to $110 billion but the size of this market is based solely on selling games and recharging revenues by the game publishers. If we take into consideration the value created by trading and owning in-game items, the game industry’s ecology can grow and evolve into something much bigger. This signals that the size of this market needs to be re-evaluated from a perspective, which will include the additional value generated by the Internet and the Blockchain technology.

After registering for Age of Dragons, you can use this ID code: 667164 to earn 100 NGT Tokens and then you can mine in-game for free at the rate of 0.22~0.33 NGT / 10 minutes, which increases if you invite more friends to play. You can find additional information about Gamegene & Age of Dragons, in the links provided below:


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