Neon District Season One

🎮 Neon District will Launch on December, 2019

Season One pre-sale and launch date.

Neon District is a cyberpunk RPG game that utilizes Ethereum’s blockchain to allow players own and trade their in-game assets. Blockade Games, the company behind Neon District, recently announced the creation of their blockchain game development platform which will enable developers to easily integrate blockchain technology into their games and transform in-game items to unique NFT assets.

After the successful launch of their Founder’s Sale back in March and the completion of Season Zero (Founder Key owners were given access to an early version of the game for testing):

It’s almost time for Neon District: Season One!

This means the Season One Loadout is about to start!
What is the Season One Loadout?

  • An awesome version of Kickstarter mashed up with an NFT Pre-sale and wrapped in Early Access.
  • 1200 unique assets, each with thousands of combinations of attributes and skills, procedurally generated at minting time.
  • Cyber-Assisted Response Directives.  Hundreds upon hundreds of these CARDs ready to be loaded into your characters and weapons, each one representing a tactical optimization algorithm from your in-game AI.
  • One Free Character and three to give away to friends
  • You can level your team to Level 5.

The pre-sale will open up in about a week, starting with some special treats for the Keyholders.

Season One is launching on the Steam Store

The Steam page of Neon District is being prepared. Next week it will go live and everyone will receive an invitation to join the Wishlist. It’s really exciting to see a blockchain game launch on Steam as it shows that NFT games are increasingly becoming more popular.

The Season One Founders Program is about to fire up!

Neon District Founders Program Pass

The team has made a bunch of adjustments to the gameplay based on the player’s feedback from Season Zero. The most prominent one being the CARD system. After listening to the community’s thoughts they decided to deliver a less deterministic gameplay.

In conclusion, the next week’s sale ‘The Loadout‘ will be available to the Founder Keyholders first. They’ll have access to special Founder gear starting on October 12th. The Loadout starts for everyone else the following Saturday, October 19th. Stay tuned for more updates!

If you want to learn more about Neon District, continue reading here.

Neon District is a blockchain RPG game.
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