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€9M Demanded for ransom for the release of billionaire’s wife

The Norwegian police has announced that the wife of billionaire Tom Hagen, Mrs. Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, was kidnapped last October. The kidnappers demand a ransom payable only in Monero (XMR).

In an article published in the Norwegian press, the authorities announced that Anne-Elisabeth Falkevic Hagen was kidnapped on October 31, more than 70 days ago.


Even if the ransom amount has not been confirmed by the police, the kidnappers are demanding 9 million euros, payable only in Monero. We can imagine that the choice of currency was made because of the anonymity it provides.

The kidnappers threatened to attack the victim if the husband refuses to pay the ransom. The police was able to make brief contact with the criminals, but was unable to identify them.

A ransom demand and serious threats were made. Our main theory is that the victim was abducted by strangers from her home in Lørenskog.

Statement by Inspector Tommy Brøske.

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