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[ICO] MovieCoin | Hollywood 2.0 | Entertainment Industry Fintech by Birdman Producer

MovieCoin provides a fresh opportunity for investment in Motion Pictures.

Have you ever wanted to invest in a Hollywood blockbuster production? Do you ever wonder why only a few people are privileged to have a say in which Motion Pictures will get financed and produced for the big screen? If you want to have a say and take part in the magic of the movies industry, here’s your chance: Enter MovieCoin.

MovieCoin is a next-generation financial technology company aiming to revolutionize the way companies function and how investments are made in the Entertainment Industry. This industry along with the global media is a 2$ trillion annual market including movies, television programs, commercials, streaming content, etc. MovieCoin’s team members will use their experience in the movie industry & will leverage blockchain technology in order to build the platform of the future, Hollywood 2.0.

Analyzing the market, the company has identified numerous opportunities to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to improve the entertainment business and its financial functions. To accomplish this objective, the MovieCoin in co-operation with Bankex Protocol, establishes a new and transparent system for assembling a film’s finance legal documentations into a single authoritative set and an accounting settlement system that uses Moviecoin Tokens as the means of payment.

Some potential entertainment participants as priority clients or partners for early adoption of the Moviecoin Token and the MovieCoin platform are: Major film production companies and content acquisition companies such as Netflix or Amazon, Top Hollywood talent agencies (e.g., CAA, WME, UTA), Guilds (e.g., SAG, DGA, AFoM, IATSE) and International sales companies.

MovieCoin will issue MOV & MSF coins in two separate offerings:

MovieCoin Tokens (MOV Tokens)

  • Consumers: use MOV Tokens to buy movie tickets, cinema gift cards, on-demand videos and subscription to premium services. 
  • Businesses (producers & vendors): use MOV Tokens to transact in a streamlined and transparent system.
  • Smart Contracts Automated Payments: manage fees, residuals, royalties and revenue earnings. Provide investors with their share of earnings as soon as revenue is collected.

MovieCoin Smart Fund Tokens (MSF Tokens)

  • Film investors use MSF Tokens to invest in films produced and financed by MovieCoin Smart Fund. Each MSF Token will represent an ownership interest in the Fund.
  • The earnings of each motion picture will be re-invested in order to build value over time through a diverse portfolio.
  • The Fund will own all the rights to the films it finances, building a valuable content library that can also be re-marketed, re-licensed and re-financed to benefit token holders.

MovieCoin Capital expects the Fund to finance the production of a 8 to 10 widely-released theatrical films on an annual basis and intends to have $250 million worth of MovieCoin Smart Fund Tokens (MSF Tokens). The MovieCoin team has decades of experience arranging similar financing structures for critically-acclaimed and commercially-successful theatrical motion pictures like The Neon Demon (2016) , Hacksaw Ridge (2016) and Birdman (2014). Furthermore, MovieCoin’s platform can help new aspiring directors and production teams to raise funds and attract investors in order to complete their feature films productions. Media assets can be managed over their lifecycle, from development through production and distribution. It also provides the opportunity for the audience to invest in projects they would like to watch in the movie theaters.

MovieCoin was founded in 2017 by Christopher Woodrow in partnership with Bankex and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with offices in Santa Monica, California and New York.

Currently the pre-sale is live at and the mainsales for both MOV and MSF tokens will launch in Quarter IV, 2018.

Find more info about MovieCoin here:
Official Website

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