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Services & forms of partnership that we offer. Reach the Greek crypto community.

Advertising / Services

Banner №1: Main Page Large Ad (1170 px X 90 px) is placed on the main page below the header. This position allows the ad to be seen by everyone visiting the site.

Banner №2: Posts Sidebar is placed on each page of a publication in the right sidebar. Such location provides an opportunity for the user to see banner advertisements when going to any page of the site where publications are posted.

Client’s Content Publication

The client sends his own content for a publication. This may be news, information about the latest update, etc. We will check the content for spelling and punctuation errors (proofreading), create a thumbnail and the finished material is published on the site.

*Requires post to be approved for publishing.*


In the interview, we give to a representative of the company an opportunity to directly address the audience, share an expert opinion, and tell about the main advantages of the project from the first person.

CryptoWorldGr together with a company representative defines the goals and content of the interview. After that, we send questions to the interviewee. When the questions are answered, we edit the interview and post it on our website.

Professional content translation. We can translate whitepapers, press releases etc. Languages available: Greek.

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If your project wants to establish a partnership with ‘Crypto World Greece’ you can contact us here.

Besides writing all our posts in English, we also translate all of our content in Greek.

Our goal is to build a strong educated crypto community in Greece & worldwide. A network of inspiring blockchain technology projects and investors.

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